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    RoidedUpEbi Member

    lol idk man my mate says he used their teragon and its legit + one of his buds who competes also uses it ... weird. He's pretty keen on ordering it again so i'll see what happens this time. Thanks though guys, saved me from losing couple hundred in a future cycle.
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    dantheghman Member

    Hey neibor fellow Vancouver boy here, new to the forum.
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    Canadiankid1978 Junior Member

    I purchased my gear for my first cycle from Proroid. I am 3 weeks into it now. It is hard to know who is real. Just when it sounds like there is a legit one, then you find out some posts saying it is a lie and they are the real stuff. Arg.
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    Riz Member

    How did your cycle with the proroid products come along?
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    Candykiss Member

    I know how you feel..took me a year between my last and first cycle to find a connect lol. mostly because im not very social. Got a source through i guy at work recently and ordered through him because ìm pretty much scared of getting screwed over. Just pinned the other day so im gonna get some bloods done soon and see if its any good. Gears name is Wallace and Darwin..havnt seen any bad reviews yet...
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    CdnGuy Member

    Hmmmm Twitter and using a gmail account? I'm in !!!!! Lol

    Some labs
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    cflow69 Member

    STUPID !
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    Candykiss Member

    Ill get flamed for this im sure but ive never had a twitter account lol. Got rid of facebook about 3 years ago and never looked back. Would get pretty tipsy, log on and end up talking to people i had no buisness talking to anymore..always regretted it the next day lol
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    Candykiss Member

    I get your point though, advertising on social media is a no no and gmail isnt secure. I havnt ordered directly through them yet and more than likely wont ever now...im just hoping at this point what i have currently isnt bunk lol
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    CdnGuy Member

    Why would you get flamed for being smart by not using social media? lol Props! Hate social media and people don't realize their privacy is being exploited by (big brother).
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    Candykiss Member

    Ok so i first pinned the Wallace sust 250 on saturday. Pinned again monday and then yesterday. Now im no expert seeing as how ive only done one cycle which was test cyp...but i can fucking tell right now i was raging in the gym today. Raging like a havnt raged since my last/first cycle. I know people are going to say that its too early to feel anything maybe but i seemed to feel the cyp by my second weak in last time ,More energy, libido up, raging erections. Yesterday I literally jerked off 5 times (wife is on vacation)..if she was here i would have wrecked her solid.
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    S.A.M. Member

    Lol. It's not so bad up here ;)
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    Ackmud Member

    just checking did u end up getting bloodwork after trying Wallace and Darwin?
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    blowingup72 Member

    I know this is an old thread but those blood results suck.

    At 500mg a week my results were double that amount. my results can be found on here for comparison.

    Hope you found something better.
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    Candykiss Member

    Just got them done today. Little late in the game unfortunately, meant to get them done sooner. As soon as I have them ill post it.
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    Candykiss Member

    I would also like to add that now that I'm well into this cycle that I've felt alot of up and downs on this sust 250. Sometimes I'll feel really pumped and other times I'll feel lethargic almost. Ive been dosing it at 175mg eod. This is the first time I've done sust and maybe that's the norm? Or maybe it's underdosed in some way? I guess when the bloods get back we'll know for sure. One week I even pinned a weeks dose in one shot just to experiment how I felt that week. No change really. When I did my first cycle of cyp, I definitely felt a more consistent "on" feeling. If the bloods come back good I'll definitely be doing a single ester test next time around. Also, next cycle I'll be ready to add in another compound for sure, like a dbol/tbol kicker. My energy levels are decent in general but I want more lol
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    stoneMASON Member

    Old thread but I will chime...Terragon if bought from the legit source is OK, not the best in my opinion but there is far worse labs to throw your money at. I can only speak for there tren Ace, Mast prop, Test prop and Test ace, Dbol and Var though. A simple visit to the legit Terragon site and u will find the LEGIT spot to order from. Is there better labs in Canada? yes there is in my opinion...I could name a few but we all know how the word shill gets thrown around here so I will refrain. That being said, the price point on the Teragon is very good and if it is slightly underdosed, which I am not saying it is or isnt this kinda sorta maybe makes up for it. Just dont get duped ordering from the shit sources. Delivery takes 3 days from order but if something comes broken dont complain to them as there customer service in regards to broken product is trash. No I will not be posting bloods or answering any more questions based on this lab, i could care less if anyone bothers with them...just dont want to see noobs wasting there hard earned money or health for that matter on garbo because to lack of due diligence or being steered the wrong direction. Best of luck.

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