Testosterone problems

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    Yeah, i understand. Gonna do bloods in a few days. Thanks again man.
  2. I have taken hcg and clomid together too for fertility and both times FSH was between 3-4 and LH was between 6-7 and 3-4.
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    @The Terminator
    Got bloods today.
    TT 270
    Free testosterone 5.89 ranges 1-28
    Estrogen 21 ranges 11-43
    prolactin 18 ranges 86-324
    LH <0.30
    FSH <0.30
    Thyroid is good, liver is good.
    Thats after 5 shots of ovetrile 1500iu pers shot.
  4. Well that’s a good sign, your T is 3.5x higher than. Might need to give it more time if you have significant testicular suppression for levels to go to normal levels. Any difference in the way you feel? I mean still low but much better.
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    Yeah its getting better.
    Feeling much better, mood etc all drasticly improved, even that "depression" from clomid is almost unnoticeable.
    Ill keep nolva at 40 and clomid at 100 at ovitrelle 1500x3 per week.
    I also got this(picture below), it has lots of usefull stuff, what do u think?

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  6. Not sure what that testo mix is, like some kinda test booster? Pregnalone I guess can be helpful in general. Tbh for supplements I’d get zinc, vitamin d specifically d3, ashwaganda which can raise T by 17% plus it helps adrenal hormones, vitamin A, E, b’s, omegas, and foods like raw egg yolks, avocado, coconut oil, which can help steroid hormones with the fats/cholesterol, the herb or supplement fenugreek, and basically a lotta fruits and vegetables.
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    Yeah, pretty good mix, 100mg zinc, 200mg magnessium, and lots of other stuff.
    Ok, im kinda doing all of that, keeping my meals clean, not much industrial sugar etc.
    What do u think about adding low dose od fda hgh? I got some left, will it help with low T or it will go the other way?
  8. 100mg of zinc is kinda high, it’ll definitely drain your bodies copper, or make it harder to absorb, so make sure you take that as well. Not sure if gh will help T but definitely shouldn’t hurt it. I’ve heard it can be of some help with fertility tho.
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    I’m not familiar with that product but be wary of any “test boosters.” Sometimes they may contain low dose SARMs, or other things you aren’t expecting that are NOT on the label and WILL suppress you. Companies get busted like this by fda all the time, I could only guess what’s in that one.

    stick with all the stuff @The Terminator listed for you, it’s all safe and won’t further suppress you.

    How are you feeling now? Glad to see that test is up like 7x already!
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    I did new bloods yesterday, testosterone is down to 80. 2 weeks without nolva/klomid and 1000iu of shree hcg eod. And testorol from yamamoto. Zinc, ashwaghanda etc..my balls are full but still TT drops again.
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    The test was done while on 1000iu hcg eod?
    Some people need very high doses of hcg after beeing shut down for a long time you seem to be one of them.
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    Yeah last shot 1 day prior to test was 1500iu.
    Btw am i doing it wrong? hcg comes in 1 ampule of powder of 5000iu a 1 ampule od sterile water, i mix it up, put it in a frige and use it 5 times , 0.2ml per shot. Suringe sits in a frige all the time. Some people say it has to be used right away, i mean it cant be use multiple times.
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    If stored in a fridge it probably takes a few weeks at least before it starts to degrade
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    Who did you get your bloodwork through - the lab? Was that your first time having your testosterone tested with that lab?
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    No, im always testing it at same lab.
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    Trt mines 50 with no test
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    At a certain point in life you have no choice but to use test.

    For some reason people get sick of dealing with trt or using aas and they want to stop as if they forgot what it was like not to be enhanced. We all have this wishful thinking that if I quit, eat right, get plenty of sleep and think positively our nuts will start pumping out T.

    After 35 it's over for most guys. You either get on board or feel like shit and watch your cognition go down hill.

    Your only alive for maybe 85 years at the most, in our case most of us that used aas will probably knock 5-10 years off our life. So if your 35, you only got 45 years left of pinning max and you can quit trt or gear because you'll be dead.

    I personally wish SERMS had never been invented, that people had to suffer through the 3-9 months of total suppression and living hell to realize sticking a needle in yourself ain't so bad.
  18. Shree venkatish hCG, isn’t that ugl? Thought you were gonna give ovitrelle a shot. Did you switch brands or something? And as someone mentioned depending on the length of suppression and the person some might need more. There was something I read about a guy on for years and he didn’t get a response till he was given 5000iu 2x or 3x/wk. Not saying you should jump up to that dose, plus you were showing improvement which is why I asked if you switched brands. Anyway I wouldn’t lose hope if this dose wasn’t enough.
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    A few issues bro- you brand of HCG is no good. You need a legit pharma product. I’m talking Bayer here.

    Also, you can’t use sterile water unless your injecting whole vial within 24-48 hours. You need to use bactorstatic water for storing in fridge, or else the hcg loses potency right away.

    These are two major issues to address before you get worried!
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    You are right about the sterile water but Ovigil comes with
    bactorstatic water with Nacl. So if he has used that he has done it right.