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  1. heavylifter87

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    These prices are sky high , more than any other source why would anyone buy this..
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  2. MadBret

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    Ferrari gear?
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  3. MuscleFreak

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    no bro,it is rolls royce
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  4. MindlessWork

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    More like Ford Taurus just saying
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  5. TheAnabolicStore

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  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Another solid bump. There you go “customers” that’s the latest.

    Be sure to ask him how you can be removed from the email list. That’s fucked up that they retain your info for use later. Order with confidence.

    They probably save an entire database of info. Shipping address, email, your handle here. None of that should ever be retained. Bad ideas all around.

    I wonder if that could explain the total absence of any and all activity in this thread? I’ve been taunting for weeks now and no “customers” have chimed in.

    Edit: Quit fucking around on this thread and use that effort to test some of your products. Posting testing results will get this fucker hopping. You want to do it your own bullshit way with minimal effort. Way to take pride in your business.
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    This thread is so fucking pathetic. I would be concerned for the "customers" but the last one to post was back in February and then you have to go all the way back to August lolol, so obviously not too many people are affected.

    Testing products????? No way why do that when you can have discount codes that even with them the gear is still overpriced lol.
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  8. It is a ghost town in here. If he wants to bump his thread every 2 hours, i couldn't care less. Knock yourself out.

    As long as he stays put in his thread and doesn't wander out again to waste server space with his inane observations in member threads, then it's all good.
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    When the other threads get too busy I like to take a break and come in here where it’s nice, quiet and relaxing. It allows me to gather my thoughts and I feel refreshed.

    The rest of you guys should find your own dead thread chill room. This one’s mine!
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    Fair enough lol. Him posting on Friday just fucked up my whole Sunday routine no Anabolic Store thread bump in the AM and no Last Dance on ESPN at night lol. Not sure what I am going to do .....
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    I thought this fucker was gone weeks ago. @TheAnabolicStore why the fuck are you still here? I know because it's the only free board you can peddle your wares. Be honest and tell us how many sales you have made this week. Careful because I know the answer.:)
  12. cochino

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    Yeah such bullshit him posting on threads outside of his own. Tbh I thought he disappeared because I haven't seen any of his bullshit posts in awhile.
  13. TheAnabolicStore

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  14. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Shamelessly bad
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  15. Silentlemon1011

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    That was fast
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    Its like waking up without an alarm clock, @BigBaldBeardGuy just knows when to check in...
  18. TheAnabolicStore

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    Yeah should be a sig instead ideally.
  19. Onthebike

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    If you're after a specific brand (which we all are) I'd be careful ordering from here. They have a habit of sending out alternatives.
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