The Art of Anonymity

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    Thanks for bumping this as well as taking the time to post it originally. I have lots of reading to do this weekend lol
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    Great post.
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    I think Anonymity is important topic,
    I have been trying all week to find a way to receive money anonymously without using bitcoin because most do not have bitcoin and in Thailand i dont think they will let you use " No I.D. Pick up" at western union so i am looking into other methods like perfect money but they want you to upload photo ID and then there is webmoney but when i click on different tabs it turns into russian so I dont know what to use.
    i can make another PP account connected to another account or just use it normally because there is no way for anyone to know what the money was sent for anyway so I am now thinking on just to use western union normally and PP because it only shows money moving not what it was for so kind of a grey area.
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    I am justing going to use my D.wallet , sticking with bitcoin