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  1. DBlock

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    Ok ill fill up a gallon in am n drink thaton top of everything else
  2. Wunderpus

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    Or, just pin 150 of your mix + 100 of your test 2x per week. Just combine them in the same syringe.
  3. DBlock

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    True. I didnt really look too far intocombining them just bc i didnt wanna mess up the deca esters
  4. mands

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    So you currently aren't running any AI or SERM? I highly doubt your E2 is low as @Wunderpus stated.

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  5. DBlock

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    Like i said could just be paranoia , ill be more conscious of my water intake. Urine is always clear except for first in am theres a tint of yellow. Thanks for everything guys.
  6. Docd187123

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    Like Mands said, there is too much misinformation in this article. Not just about the gyno but also about adex and aromasin.
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  7. DBlock

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    So last question. Mands n Doc, do you agree w/ wonderpus in regards to me doing 100 test e from the test vial and 150 test e 100 deca from mix in same pin 2x a week rather than 200 test e sun n 300 test e 200 deca from mix on wed?
  8. IronBrothers

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    Mind blown. Such a good thread. So seeing how it prettymuch says nolvadex is better than clomid, would it be best to drop clomid from my pct and just use the nolvadex alone instead of together?
  9. xgunx

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    I would use both. Checkout scallys power pct
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  10. Docd187123

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    If you're prone to sides you may be better off with something that stabilizes your blood levels more like the first option bc you're pinning the same amount each injection day. If you're not I prefer higher peaks with once a week pinning.
  11. Docd187123

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    I highly advise you to disregard most of what's said in that article as it's either misleading or incorrect. A good PCT would include BOTH clomid and nolva.
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  12. George1989

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    Nice info in your thread. Great job.
    I would like your advise please.

    I have secondary hypogonadism, my endo gave this therapy:
    1500iu hcg x 3 per week( mon , wen , fri )
    20mg nolvadex ed

    I am now on this therapy for 20 days

    Good results on me : increased energy levels and strength on the workouts
    Bad results on me: loss of libido, no morning good, water rentation , mood face , puffy nipples a lot and acne

    I told these results on my endo and he told me that my estrogen are high
    and gave me aromasin 12,5mg ed for 10 days

    Is it ok if i take hcg, nolva and aromasin all together. Or i will crash my estrogen?
    Also, do you think that 12,5mg are enough or maybe take 25mg ed?

    Thank you.
  13. xgunx

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    I did not write the article as stated. However i think you would be fine, especially that short period. You should make sure he is doing bloodwork and not just guessing your estrogen is low.

    I saw alot of things i liked but then docd caught something i didnt see before posting. Apparently somewhere he said something about not using two anti estrogen or something which is perfectly normal.
  14. Gramps

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    I'm in the "red wire/blue wire" quandary regarding arimidex versus exemastane. (Means I'm confused for you drop outs like me) I'm on TRT doses and was blessed with high E2, currently at 96. Money is tight so I need to get it right the first time. The article seems great at addressing these, then YOU guys fuck it all up for me saying it "ain't right". Geeze, thanks! :rolleyes: So, I wanna knock this E2 down NOW, and keep it there without crashing it and will likely use the morning wood method of dosing between labs. Which would be my better choice as I'm a natural E2 converter?

    I'm around 50, 250+pounds due to bloat, TRT at 125-150/wk, high E2 symptoms all my life I just didn't know it 'til I learned to read. So is it the red wire or the blue wire??
  15. George1989

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    Thank you for your reply. How do you think about the dose? Also, my libido is zero. Do you think aromasin would help me?
  16. xgunx

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    Damn guys,
    i wish i could help but im not the type to give bs advice just because its the internet. I found quite a few things in the article that helped me out and it kinda took awhile to stumble across it. I wasnt looking at the pct part which is what i believe docd found issues with.

    George i gave my best answer already.

    Gramps personally i like aromasin because it kills the estrogen. If used properly im sure adex is just as good but from my experience aro is what im sticking with. If its high i take some, if its low i dont. Its just easier in my head.

    This isnt one of my strong subjects so i wont go much further.
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  17. Gramps

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    What do you use to sense the dose between bloods? Is there a feeling or "wood" method to tell if you're close to normal?
  18. xgunx

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    Oilly skin
    dry skin

    I always have wood lol
  19. FockU

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    Hey man, thanks for getting all this info over here. Definitively a nice read to have all together in one place. This should be made sticky IMO.
  20. Wood4days

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    If this is true then why is my estrogen level at 47? I'm on .5mg arimidex EOD.

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