The Original 5x5 Program

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Bob Smith, Feb 13, 2005.

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    Thanks guys! Thank you!
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    What with the detraining from the 5*5? I'm doing 300 5*5 so what do I do decrease the weight how much each time and for how long?
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    hey guys, i apologize for my stupidty but i got sum questions

    alll i have ever been recomended to do on this site is look at this sticky. It was very helpful but i got some questions maybe some of you guys can help me with (sorry i have a learning disability, my mind finds it very hard to interpret things on its own when read).
    Ok i can bench about 185 max at one rep, and have a low body fat and make quick muscle gains, how would u recomended i put the 5x5 program to use? and for how many weeks?
    for the first week do i go
    120 x 5, 130 x 5, 140 x 5, 150 x 5, 160 x 5? then next week up it or what? sorry i dont interpret well. and while doing this should i be eating liek a pig or just eating lots of protein or what?
    I dont take AAS at the moment all i take is protein and creatine, no steroids because i am still very young etc.

    Thank you a shit load man

    -rick nash
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    Hmm.. I have used a similar traning routine over the years, which have produced very pleasing results for me. It goes like this:

    FrontSquats 3x5
    Benchpress 3x5
    Power Cleans 3x5
    Rows 3x5

    Millitary Presses 2x10
    Dips 1xMAX
    Chins 1xMAX

    I usually do this every other day... or sometimes every third day, or 3x per week. Every other day works very good when I use AAS, every third day is probably more comfortable when I do not use AAS.
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    would it be ok if I threw in cleans on monday and friday?
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    I just have 1 question..program sounds awsome and i gonna start the 5x5 next mon. Might sound like a stupid question...but would it be a good idea 2 start the 5x5 next mon the same day im gonna start my sustanon and deca for 12 weeks?? ???????? thanx
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    He's got another version of the 5x5 program called the Big Three. That one just involved Cleans, Squat, and Bench along with some assistance work.
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    nice, the only thing i have to ask is also about cleans. is there a way to throw those in anywhere? as they are one of my favorite lifts.

    also with rows are you guys talking about bent over barbell, one arm dumbell, seated rows, what? and are chins= upright rows? just not quite used to your terminology yet.

    I"ve been looking for a new routine to start i'm stoked to find this one. i've stuck on my bench so I hope this will help me bust my plateau.
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    what is a 5*5 workout plan.
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    how can you squat more frequently than doing military's? squat 3 times a week, do military's once a week. it should be the opposite. your legs take alot longer to recover and i dont see anyone recovering from 3 squat workouts a week even with gear unless they were ronnie coleman and even he doesnt squat 3 times a week. workouts should be custom tailored to an individuals recovery and needs. if i lag in delts and have great legs from squatting once a week, im not going to start squatting 3 times a week and only doing militarys once a week. the only thing i like about this program is the fact that one uses basic free weight exercises and the structure of reps and sets but i dont like the frequency or pairing together of big muscle groups. if you squat properly, you wont be able to do much else nor want to.
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    woh.. I'm far from an expert, but whatever the name was that made the last post on here really needs to do some research, and have a full understanding of the 5x5 before they comment. That was a really really bad post. If I was the person to do it, I'd delete that post. I mean, people read the 5x5, see all that quality, and the thread ends with THAT comment. terrible man, terrible. You should definately do some research and post again, correcting yourself.
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    Where have you guys been hideing????? 5X5 is so old and well known? I would highly recomend you guys read more and buy the older books that came out int he 1940m1950 and 1960's etc....... I guess I got luck I am a book worm and have books on Physical culture going back to the 1800's. You can and should also check out all the reprints of the old Strong men routine back when mail order was all the rage!

    My first weight lifting program was from Joe Weider and it was came with 4-5 posters and a book written on pulb paper. It has sections on diet and hygine as well as exercise. The meat and patatoes of the workout program was 6 sets of 6 reps. You did compound movements first and then isoltationmovements. Even with out a squat rack or squat stands you where expected to squat. Back then when men where men you either cleaned the weight then pressed it to get into postion for squats or you levered the bar close to verticle witht he coloars on then bent side way to get under and then up into postion!

    This is one reason so many of us older athletes thing many of todays atheletes are either spoiled or wimpy! They always have an excuse for not doing squats or deadlift or benching heavy or anything else you can think of!

    Their are a host of good programs fromt he periods I mentioned that work great for mostly drug free athletes. I would never use 5X5 with someone on steroids it would be a waste of perfectly good steroids to do such a low volume routine and give yourself that much recovery time but for drug free athletes it is hard to beat!

    Vince Gironda had his 8X8 program that was a killer too!
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    i know that this is a trusted program..

    but do u think that a newbie like me would be able to go by it, n get some good results..

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    This seems very interesting. Is this a good program for a newbie to follow. Seems IMO that depending on the amount of weight added after each set would be much more difficult to finish sets. At least IMO.

    One could gain great muscle mass from this routine!!!!
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    Yes, it would work great, I got my nephew into weight lifting about 2 months ago and put him RIGHT into doing this program the RIGHT way and doing the exercises the RIGHT away. He basically never even touched a weight in his life before this, so he is fresh out of the oven and started out with this, and has made awesome progress over the past 2 months... you can't use this program and start customizing everything though.. people seem to think they can take this as a basis of their workout, and modify things into what they want to do rather than leaving it alone and doing what works. Good Luck.
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    yeah kenneth! just do the program... add in 8 sets of biceps, take out a day of squats, and its not the program anymore. do the program, it works!!!!


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    In Bill Starrs book page 44 of The strongest shall survive he explains the form of a powerclean. But from what most of the material in books today and the web say on a power clean you jump with the weight, then squat down to catch it and then stand up, barely using your arms at all. In this book it doesnt say anything about that. What do you guys think is more beneficial? I'd like to try the program for what it is without changing a thing but i've never done a clean the way he explains, is it incorrect? Thanks for advices.


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    This brings me to another question as well. I'm staring at this book right now and on page 88 it has a sample advanced program that goes like this


    Bench Press
    Power Clean
    Back Squats
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Bicep Curls


    Overhead Press
    Power Pulls
    Toe Raises


    Incline Press
    Power Cleans
    Back Squats
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Bicep Curls


    Bench Press
    Back Squats
    Toe Raises

    Now if you look at the first post in this topic it says

    Monday: Squats, Benching, Rows
    Weds: Squats, Military Presses, Deadlifts, Chins
    Friday: Squats, Benching, Rows

    Where is this information coming from ? As the book states on page 79 OMIT THE DEADLIFT.

    Now I'm really getting confused as he doesnt have these at all in his book, yet its in the original program posting? And the original post doesnt have power cleans either which Bill Starr says are the most important exercise as in the advanced program I typed above. Can anyone elaborate on this as to why they are different ? And where this ORIGINAL 5x5 came from as its not in his Strongest shall survive book.