Things I haven't been impressed with!

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    Things I haven't been impressed with!
    These are things I've noticed that have been hyped as being the "greatest thing ever" and " you have to give it a try" "a must do" only to have been tried by me and not been impressed, feel free to leave your complaints with others ideas of what is fun or things that just annoy you!
    1- smoking marijuana - I tried it for the first time in a legal State and it didn't do much for me. Overhyped
    2- golden shower- my wife thought it to be a little weird but I was the receiver so she went ahead with it. Severly Overhyped will not be doing that again.

    Under things that annoy me.
    1- All the unnecessary grunting, groaning and syhing that goes on in a public bathroom, when I'm taking a shit the last thing I need to hear is everyone else's sound effects!
    2-This thread that I just started is annoying. (So someone else can't say it).
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    Do people say those things about golden showers?! Never heard that. Running is one of those things that I just can't wrap my head around. I absolutely hate running, but people are always going on about how great it is.
  3. I mean, what were you expecting to happen? The whole point of getting pissed on is the depravity of the act is a kink for some people (or as I call them, FREAKS).

    If the thought of the act doesn't turn you on, the actual act itself isn't going to do it, it's not like there is some crazy quantum reaction that takes place when the stream of piss makes contact with you that makes you feel really good.

    Not that I would know of course...heh.
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    I cant stand the unnecessary spitting while standing at the urinal. The fuck are you spitting at?? Its like clockwork...never fails, I'll be taking a piss and some dude will pull up and start spitting...the fuck is that all about?

    And I'll piss on my wife when we shower together...its not sexual, it's just fun. I won't tell her until I'm strong streaming on her ass or back of the legs.
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    Never tried marijuana. Never even thought of being pissed on or doing it to someone else.
    Grunting in tha bathroom is nasty. I've never seen anybody spit at a urinal.
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    I actually never got high until the 3rd time I tried it. Like you gotta break hymen in a way.
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  7. I felt steroids including tren were waaaayyy over hyped...didn’t feel like a god, or Superman, or Batman or even robin lol. I mean yea it gives you a physical boost but no Superman. The new disney wars, a great disappointment.

    What annoys me are these mostly old dudes that don’t close the curtains in the gym shower, the Asian dudes that make that loogie hacking sound every 10 seconds and they blow their noses like a goddamn trombone in the gym shower, and of course the Asian dudes that blow dry their pubes in the gym locker room. You know what locker rooms and public bathrooms annoy me which is why I avoid them. Farting outside of some private place where they’re alone, purposefully burping loudly, loud yawning etc
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  8. The farting, burping and yawning thing wasn’t meant to be an Asian only thing cause it seems to be an all ethnicities problem, but the most of the gym locker room shit is lol.

    Oh and sloppy loud drunkness, I don’t really like booze but at least some people don’t turn into some sloppy other person, well at a certain point everyone will. So yea booze is also annoying lol. Coughing and sneezing, especially without properly covering, dudes that stand too close, body odor...all very annoying. I’m not very easily annoyed but what does really annoy me lol
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    Eating with your mouth open.
    Talking with your mouth full.
    Interrupting someone who is talking.

    People who claim they are something when in fact they are the polar opposite. Hypocrisy drives me nuts.

    Cleaning crews driving scissor lifts into my $25k Sony projectors. Yeah, that happened to me this week.

    I am impressed with my wife and myself though. We finally finished our house remodel and put it on the market Friday. We have multiple offers before the open house (which is today) and expect it to sell this weekend, well over asking. Cheers fuckers. The claw is the law.
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    I would say I was most let down or unimpressed with every terminator movie after T2. No dis @The Terminator lol. The budget for the move or maby just the story line in general just wasn’t there anymore.
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    Thoughts on the new Rambo movie? Good potential to be a let down or something to add to the John Rambo "legend"?
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    Congratulations on the house Icky. What's next do the same to another place?
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    Thanks man we are building our "forever" home. Plans have already been put out to bid and construction isn't that far away. No rest for the wicked
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    Bad ass, let me know if you need someone to do your insulation, that'd be a fun trip
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    Motherfucking shit drivers will bring the asshole out of me fast
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  16. TestiCult

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    Rap, Hip-hop, and most Electronic music. Its so goddamn weak... buncha lames with tattooed faces, with their mouths hanging open.. I used to like some of that shit once upon a time, but now its classic rock, and some death metal in the gym. Some 80's 90's tunes are good as well. Music sucks now..
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    People who were never political before Trump, but now are all of a sudden engrossed in political debate, they annoy the piss out of me. Especially lefties...

    Diclaimer: I have never voted because I do not believe on politics at all. I am annoying to all who genuinely feel like their vote even matters lol.
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    smoking marijuana - makes me stop talking, then sleep. Can't count the number of times I didn't get laid when I was a teen because I took a toke someone offered.

    golden showers - only time that ever happened to me was after I got my ass kicked. No sir, don't like it.
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  19. Meh T2 was ok, the movies that came after sucked but were entertaining. I always thought the first movie was the best tho. Heard they are making another movie where they’re basically getting rid of the story after T2 and making a new t3.
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    Frosted flake Lucky charms, the textures don't give at All