Tren anger

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    Analogies may be off but that’s u personally who is fine.

    Look if estrogen makes ur dick not work and it makes u moody and depressed, than tren can certainly make u angry. That’s all I gotta say. I don’t even know why this is a debate between people. If the shit puts muscle on ya at an excelerated rate, then damn sure it can change ur mood.
    If it gets u horny af, then damn sure it can make u pissed
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    Maybe a bit but not to the extent most of these people claim. Its wayyy overstated because it's been reiterated over the internet by a bunch of bros.
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    What. The. FUCK?
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    Well to be honest what i feel is kind of more dull. Like i become more apathetic. And also i tolerate less bullshit from others but i am more timid in character so maybe a guy who is already aggressive will get his aggressiveness amplified.
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    Oh no, i should never pin :'(
  6. i watched that whole episode awhile back. He had almost every side effect in the book. Some of that shit was just laughable.
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    So how is depth did they cover his grapefruit sized prostate and it preventing him from being able to take a piss?

    The Deca dick?

    For real, what's that shit from? It looks like the most laughable after-school special ever.
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    I like how he just swallows a bottle of pills like they are smarties or some shit. Bet his Anavar came in 1 mg pills :p
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  9. It was an after school special. If i recall correctly, he had:


    Hair thinning/loss.


    Injury to tendons that couldn't keep up with his mad gains, which turned his steroid use into a gateway drug of sorts.

    Stealing from his dear, innocent Mother to buy the steroids (and the pain pills for his aforementioned mad gains injury.)

    A sense of omnipotence that had him beating up some kid, despite having very little provocation.

    Random nose bleeds.

    And of course, the roid rage, where he smacks his girl friend, destroys everything in his room, strangely sucks pills from a bottle with his mouth like a fiending junkie, then does that weird fish flop/sholder jerking thing that he did in that little preview that was posted.

    No gyno or prostate issues though, that i can recall.
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    Holy shit, I gotta track this shit down. We'll have a movie night at the gym.
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    Oh my god! I need to find this
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    I take it back, pinned 100mg for science. Then the FB's confirmed the results.

    Clearly I couldn't possibly be 308% dangerous without it. Screenshot_20190619-043510.png
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    To be honest the only thing i noticed and that is legit is trensomnia. First few days were brutal for me. I was tired af yet could not sleep. Then i ordered some melatonin and everything got resolved
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    I've taken tren up to 600mg and had no rage at all. I felt very alpha at 600mg, but no anger to speak of.

    I'm convinced that "tren rage" is partly psychosomatic and partly the result of an already angry person taking a strong androgen.
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    I fuckin love tren...Adding synthetic hormones to your body absolutely has the ability to screw with your emotions. I notice I'm a little more on edge at times and have to be mindful of how I respond to people. I'm in no way an angry person, and I absolutely don't go around flipping out on people. I do notice a difference though.
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    I haven't ran tren in a while. But my girl used to have a "word" or a phrase she would say or use either in public or just us when it was the tren speaking or coming out so I could reel it back and collect myself. Rather than her saying you're being a fucking asshole because that doesn't help anyone. Lol

    But also I'm pretty mellow as is so the amplification of tren isn't too drastic as far as anger goes. But the unrealistic paranoia is real.

    Meditation helps a lot.
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    oh yeah anger may not be an issue but I do freak out as well sometimes for no reason, but it comes and goes, I am not in a relationship currently though so maybe I do not have someone to point out the flaws as friend rarely will do so but the significant other will do.
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    If you’re looking for stuff to take off the edge:
    1. Green Maylay Kratom
    2. Weed / Indicas
    3. Xanax
    All have their pros and cons but can help to calm you down / uplift your mood
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    I also like cbd oil, it relaxes you without getting you high
  20. Full episode on YouTube.