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    Post your labs ?

    What is your psychiatric history?

    Are you taking antidepressants?

    What has your DOC said when you asked him these questions?

    Be specific!
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    I've now read all your posts and it's patently obvious there is something else going on here besides "low T".

    Why do I say that?

    First your primary concern is that you "WORRY" in SPITE OF the facts before you and reassurance by others.

    Often the cause of this problem is based in a previously undiagnosed anxiety disorder!

    I would STRONGLY suggest you seek professional help with a mental health worker because it's apparent your problem is not low T exclusively.

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    At the same time anxiety conditions often improve with T-treatment, but he should still exercise all positive health practices.
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    397 is still way too low for a guy your age. You oughta be in the high 600's. Mine was 292 when I discovered what the issue was. Interestingly, I suffered from all the typical sides except ED. Low libido - Yes. But no ED. Since beginning TRT, libido has increased and wife is happy. Initial Rx was for test C, 250mg q 14 days. Over time and after labs, increased to 250mg q 10 days then 250mg q 7 days. The latter keeps my levels stable and consistent with normal levels for a guy my age. Never did hcg, clomid, or any pct. I Feel considerably better than I did prior to TRT and been on TRT for about 2 1/2 years. I would definitely recommend getting a doc who is really experienced in this area or one who specializes in TRT, lest you become a guinea pig.
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    NO they DO NOT fool! The depression may improve with TRT yet because anxiety is not a typical feature of low T whatsoever, it is unlikely to improve with TRT!

    More misleading Conatgion BS!
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    Anxiety is DEFINITELY a symptom of low T in MANY cases. Social Anxiety in particular, but other types as well.

    We report the case of a patient with previously undiagnosed hypogonadism whose anxiety symptoms improved after he received testosterone injections.

    Mr. A, a 34-year-old man, was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. His symptoms included mental exhaustion, irritability, insomnia, poor concentration, and decreased libido. He unsuccessfully tried relaxation techniques and biofeedback before beginning treatment with buspirone, 30 mg/day. After noticing improvement, he discontinued the medication after 2 months but resumed taking it 6 months later, when his anxiety returned.

    A review of his medical record indicated that Mr. A had undergone a right orchiectomy several years earlier for an undescended testicle. Blood samples were taken for laboratory analysis. His testosterone level was 185 ng/dl (normal=241–827), and his free testosterone level was 8.9 pg/ml (normal=18–39). His luteinizing hormone level was 18.7 mIU/ml (normal=2–12), and his level of follicle-stimulating hormone was 31.4 mIU/ml (normal=1–8). The results of a physical examination and laboratory tests were within normal limits. Mr. A tapered his buspirone treatment and elected not to begin treatment with paroxetine.

    Mr. A was referred to an endocrinologist, who ruled out occult malignancy and prescribed testosterone enanthate, 200 mg i.m. every 2 weeks. He reported resolution of his anxiety symptoms after 1 month. His concentration and libido increased, and he reported better orgasms. He tried to decrease the frequency of his injections but remained on the bimonthly schedule after feeling his anxiety symptoms returning. He has been on the regimen for more than 18 months and has experienced no side effects. This treatment plan may be continued indefinitely.

    Contraindications to androgen replacement therapy include androgen-dependent cancers, such as prostate and male breast cancer, and benign prostatic hypertrophy when obstructive symptoms are present (1). A patient’s hematocrit and low-density/high-density lipoprotein ratio should be monitored, since testosterone can elevate these as well (1).

    The literature supports a connection between hypogonadism and depression, as evidenced by untreated hypogonadal men scoring significantly higher in ratings of depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion than infertile and normal comparison men (2) and by the improvement of depressive symptoms after the administration of testosterone to hypogonadal men with depression refractory to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (3). Another study (4) has shown that testosterone replacement therapy decreases anger, nervousness, and irritability in hypogonadal men. The temporal connection between the improvement of Mr. A’s anxiety symptoms and replacement testosterone suggests an association between anxiety and hypogonadism. With this case report, we suggest including anxiety in the list of psychiatric manifestations of hypogonadism that improve with testosterone replacement therapy.
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    What are your levels of TT at 250 mg Q7 days,it should be much higher than the upper limit of TT range.I was doing 120 mg Test E Q7 days and mine was 1580 :eek:
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    Was that TE from a "lab" or from a pharmaceutical company? :cool:
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    Milladog - Follow your doctors orders. It's the first step. There will be some tweaking as time goes but you'll never know if it would have helped if you don't try.

    I believe after about four or five days after your first T injection you may start crashing and if that happens call your doc and he will most likely advise you to inject more frequent. Personally, I couldn't imagine taking cyp less frequent than twice a week but you'll get there or somewhere close.

    Good luck.
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    Cool an single case report changes ALL the associated signs and symptoms known to be commonplace in hypogonadism NOT.

    ANIETY is NOT a typical clinical feature of hypogonadism Clown, and when detected OTHER diagnoses must be ruled out, before placing patients on TRT.
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    That difference can and often does DOUBLE peak TT levels!
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    Its from a lab,its the brand in my avatar.I had been on it for 3 months and the blood was drawn 3 days after a shot of 120 mg.Its 300mg/ml and it might be overdosed a little but i dont know how much test you can get to hold in that dose....I was using .4 ml per shot.I could tell my levels weren't very stable doing a shot once a week....when i was cycling i was doing 300mg every three days of this stuff...:eek:
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    not defending anyone BUT

    in my case, n= 1, I had terrible anxiety with a TT = 170. My genius MD put me on a benzo for GAD. I am still taking klonopin (at a smaller dose) but TRT did help with my anxiety!!
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    Read post #26 lol. Got him pretty good.
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    Damn your such a dumb fuck Contagion.

    Do you have any idea what Klonipin is used for, lol!

    To know if the TRT was the major factor which moderated B72s anxiety, the Klonipin would have to be DISCONTINUED, now something tells me B72 isn't going to do that!

    Moreover anxiety and depression go hand in hand, but the predominant effect of TRT is on depression and not anxiety.,
  16. What's becoming clear is Contageon is a troll and that post proves it. He knows he didn't "get you good." He's trying to stir shit. He has been repeatedly made to look like a fool by multiple members and he continues posting bullshit.

    He needs to be banned because Men's Health has been crippled by this clown for the last week. Enough is enough.
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    Ayyyyy CBS! Your back! Always a pleasure.;)