Turkey based, shipping worldwide (No min, reshipping guarantee)

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    Ya that show border patrol lol. They move between BC and Toronto borders and airports. Great entertainment for sure.
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    heard Balkan injectables are more painful and SP Labs are smooth - i know it's the same owner but still different products and i'm sharing what other people who used both told me.
    @cadafi @Big.E89 u used both products that u are so 100% sure?
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    Only balkan’s no pip at all, also thin oil, talking about test e
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    Adnan have tryed your Balkan’s test e, currently using enandrol and amps have 0,9 ml instead of 1 ml, do old designlike the one you have also has 0,8-0,9 ml and not the full 1 ml, i know is kinda irrelenvant but still curious, pharma grade such as testex prolongatum from spain and testoviron have 0,1-0,2 ml more than what the amp says and i remember you saying that opiox usually has 1,8 ml instead of 2 ml per vial
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    also now that i know about this hidden black light feature u better be sure as fuck im going to backlight all those SP Labs vials - that's a good way to check authenticity i doubt fakes know about it let alone actually do it.
    i had great experience with SP Labs so please @adnansanat if u can restock them it'll be great.
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    It all depends on what gear your are injecting. Only Balkan I have ever had pip is Balkan sustamed... I get pip from any good sustanon and usually prop.

    No other pip from any of their other products. Oils are super thin. I've used both Balkan and SP they seem exactly the same to me. I like Balkan orals maybe a little better but that's just preference
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    IDK how's Organon-Aspen sustanon nowadays, time flies but I remember.. the very very first time.. that I injected Organon Sustanon from our pharmacies, and hurted like a hell. Had a hitch in gitalong and I was walking lame during the cycle, like 12 weeks or whatever. Shit was one of the most painful one I've ever used!

    Using Balkan test prop along with Iran test enanthate (Caspian/IH/Aburaihan they are all same) nowadays and using only shoulders. No pip at all.
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    Adnan do aburaihan contains 0,9 - 0,8 ml instead of 1 ml?? Did you notice that ???
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    Ya that's not an important shit tho. Bayer rimo comes 1.1 ml around, you prolly know that. It may change from batch to batch. We are talking about true pharm grade shits. All Iran test e's (Aburaihan, IH, Caspian) they are all legit stuff, fulldose, no doubt. I don't give a fuck about how much ml in amp when it comes to true pharm grade. Just pull em all and jab.
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    Or straight up lied to
    Different batch and false claim on label

    But wait these are hormone dealers they’re not DRUG dealer ..,,. Can’t be true hormones seller wouldn’t lie
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  11. That's a possibility too. Testing of both vials would determine if they're just slapping on the same labels to multiple batches.
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    Just wanted to give @adnansanat props ordered a decent sized order ta was as stated and packaged well ... Product looks good thanks again bro...
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    How does that work through customs? Is there still delay there or is it somehow bypassed or processed quicker?
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    It's processing very quick. Just a few hours or so. A guy wrote about that he got his package thru UPS. And people keep getting their packages thru UPS without a prob. They'll prolly write more after they get.
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    Yay happy to hear that man!
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    Hi Adnan,

    I have emailed you brother. Please let me know.

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    Hey Adnan, I'm shooting you a PM. Talk soon!
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    Adnan is as advertised. Great communication from start to finish, and lightning fast delivery. 4 days from order till pack landed, and that was with a weekend in there. Metformin and thyroid meds.
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    Thanks man!
    Happy to hear that another successful delivery via UPS/FedEx!