Turkey based, shipping worldwide (No min, reshipping guarantee)

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  1. adnansanat

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    Wut? There is no e-mail that I didn't reply. Please send me an e-mail. IDK who you are.
    Your getting your package just within a few hours man lol, shit takes just 2 days eh? From Turkey to USA? Lol
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    Yeah shit was fast going to pop one of these muthafucking tabs once it gets here lol.
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  3. tubesox

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    It was an issue on my end with my phone not sending out emails. Sorry man, and thank you as always
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  4. Big.E89

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    I'm confused.. So you're still sending packs to the USA through the fast shipping with UPS??

    I'm assuming when you said you could no longer do it 2 days ago you were just meaning for me?
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  5. adnansanat

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    These were old packages that I been trying to send and my UPS guy did right his work at last. Packages went out successfully. And actually I can still send my stuff thru UPS ya. Shits seem smooth. However, I prefer EMS which is SAFEST METHOD EVER for US people.

    Here's my general opinion about shipping methods and customs. Let's do some brainstorm,

    Regular/registered airmail - 5 days to 30 days, generally safe for most of countries excluding Aussie, NZ, Canada and some strict European countries. %80-%90 success rate.

    EMS - Safest method for US. Been in the game for 7 years as an international source and just had a few seized package with this method. (my main client region is the States) Also it may be still slow but actually it's very fast when it hits customs. It gets thru customs really fast keeps its speed in target country. And repeat, safest method for US. %+98 success rate. 3-10 days. Maybe more.

    UPS - Still safe like regular airmail. %80-%90 around. 1 day for European countries, 2 days for US. Fastest method ever. The best thing about that method beside 1-2 days delivery, is that the method itself is perfect for strict countries such as AUS, NZ, CANADA, SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES, ITALY ETC. UPS PACKAGES GET THRU THEIR CUSTOMS EASILY!
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    Need to add that for UPS. It's not really easy to send stuff via UPS lol.
  7. Big.E89

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    Ohhh okay man. You just told me yesterday that you can't send one single thing through UPS and that you would only be doing registered airmail and EMS from now on. Remember, that's why you refunded me my money?

    I'm just trying to hold you accountable.

    You've been a great source and very easy to deal with up to this point but I really needed that stuff that I ordered from you that got seized the first time especially with me being around 10 weeks out from competing in a pro qualifier.

    Why didn't you just offer to resend the package through UPS?
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  8. adnansanat

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    As I mentioned above, these were old packages that I been trying to send thru UPS. Those packages were waiting at UPS office.

    My UPS guy told me that we cannot send anymore, thought I had to get back my packages and send all of them thru EMS but he figured out today and sent lots of packages thru UPS. Lots of things happened actually. Cut a long story short, busted bootlegged cigarettes on UPS office and my guy scared and gave packages back to me. We waited for 2 days and tried to resend and it worked. There were an investigation about those tobacco shits on that UPS office, so thought we cannot send anymore. That's the case.

    UPS works now. But I may prefer to go with regular airmail + EMS. Feel much more comfortable with them. So much stress while sending shits thru fucking UPS.
  9. bickel29

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    Hold up, wait a minute. Am I understanding you correctly?

    Their Sust failed a lab test, as it was completely missing an ester? And the reason it was missing the ester when it was tested was because they out of stock on the raws for that ester?

    So if I am understanding you correctly, they ran out of one of the raws to make the sustanon, so they just went ahead and knowingly made the sust without all of the ingredients, and knowingly sold it as legit sustanon, hoping no one would notice that it was completely missing one of the esters???

    Is that seriously what happened?

    Please tell me I am not understanding what really happened? If they sold that shit as sust, knowing it wasn't sust, but just some test blend, that is shady as fuck.

    That's not what really happened, is it?
  10. tubesox

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    My big bros back... hide your women
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  11. bob357sig

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    I could be wrong but I think @rester may be confusing Opiox and SP labs. It was SP labs that had a screwy test on their super test 450. They were missing an ester. Was supposed to be a 5 ester blend but was missing the test acetate. Supposedly they added more of the other esters to make up the difference. Same story with Pharmacom and there pharmanolt 300, it was missing 2 esters from the label claim. Same story thow, it did add up to 300 mg/ml but with only 2 esters. This is info im going off of from anaboliclab. Sorry, I just don’t know how to post links. I have not heard if a bad lab test from Opiox, please someone correct me if im wrong thow.
  12. Den84

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    Never tried TNT ? In my opinion better than ups, and surely more safe... some guy from my country had problems with ups, all the UPS packages pass through Germany, where there is the largest European sorting hub. and there are often checked. small packages usually do not check , but when the parcel are over 3kg are randomly checked. So My compatriots lost some big parcels in ups hub in Germany ... however if your packages are small, less 1kg, you should have no problems. but for big packages, for you is better to use another courier.
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  13. rester

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    my apologies - @bob357sig is 100% correct, i confused SP Labs with Opiox, i use both of these labs together consistently which is why i got confused, didnt mean to mislead people.

    the lab test is on AnabolicLab under SP Labs on the super test 450 lab test.

    still good evidence that UGLs fuck up sometimes - SP Labs is widely used and yet missed a whole easter from their reported contents.

    just checked all opiox lab tests they all look good so far.

    starting now i'll be donating $50 to anabolic labs for each order of steroids i make.
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  14. adnansanat

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    Trying to keep my packages under even 0.5 kg or max 1 kg. Not more.
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    hey bro, have you tried any opiox orals? i ask cause i see you buy from their line frequently
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  16. adnansanat

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    People will give you much more satisfactory answer but I personally never got one single negative feedback about Opiox's orals as well, including their halo and primo ace tabs.
  17. tubesox

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    Wow, two of the most fakes drugs around.. I've got to try opiox this next go
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  18. cadafi

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    Yes this is correct there was no fuck up at all they stated the mg per mil was as stated only with no test ace but prop so who cares, sp is quality
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    Wowowow, wait, it seems main boss just came. Can we see you more frequent in this topic?
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    At a cost, nothing is free.

    Fortunately for you, you and I speak in a common currency - steroids! :cool:
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