Turkey based, shipping worldwide (No min, reshipping guarantee)

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    Kig works. IDK what it contains tbh @little seems to know his own shit, but ya it works. Used to sell it domestic a few years ago and feedbacks were good. Still have no negative feedback but I'd stick with top-notch brand's HGH such as Pfizer, Lilly etc. if that's possible.
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  2. M. Tugboat

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    Review of this source:

    Adnan is great, he replies fast and he was really patient with my first time noob questions.
    The packaging was great, for a brief moment I thought "shit i picked the wrong package".
    I ordered Thursday afternoon and it was here on Monday.
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  3. 5millionbucks

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    thing is I always wondered if there was a difference in pharma vs generics in terms of feeling. I know how the typical generics feel like which are numbing, carpal tunnel, water retention etc.
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    There is most certainly a difference between generic and pharma gh...in every aspect.
    The sides you listed should never be used to judge the strength or to verify that the generics in question are real gh.
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    yeah to be honest; I heard with real pharma you should feel some type of euphoria unless your shooting like 5 iu+ a day. Me taking 3iu of mauve tops got me sluggish. I even have mk677 which is literally like almost 2iu of pharma grade growth; but I can even run more than 2 days of that shit; fucking blood pressure, bloat and making me feel sluggish; gh doesnt do that for me.
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  6. lilhawk

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    No comparison between generics and pharma GH.
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    What's going on, brothers and sisters!

    I'm posting a brief review of my first experience working with Adnan. He's an incredible source with a wealth of knowledge along with being extremely courteous. Dude really knows his stuff, and he's a straight shooter. I've communicated with Adnan extensively over the last week or so, and he's gone above and beyond to make my first order a painless process.

    I had a small first order for both testing service speed as well as needing several orals for my female clients this summer. I received:

    • 10 Boxes of Iron Pharma Oxandrolone (Var)
    • 5 Boxes of Iron Pharma turinabol
    • 4 Boxes of Iron Pharma Winstrol
    • 2 Boxes of Iron Pharma Anadrol
    • 1 Box of Pfizer Cabaser 1mg x 20 tablets

    Adnan was actually low on Iron Pharma Oxandrolone (Var), thus he very kindly upgraded four of my Iron Pharma Oxandrolone to Hellas Pharma Oxandrolone... very potent and very awesome customer service from Adnan!

    I placed the order on Thursday (4th of July holiday) and landed on my door by the following Monday. I will definitely do much continued business with Adnan moving forward.

    We're lucky to have you here, brother. Keep up the fantastic work! 20190711_083547.jpg
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  8. Wheelhouse

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    What's the exp on the cabaser?
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  10. adnansanat

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    Thanks for your detailed feedback! I'm doing the best I can!
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  11. biggerben69

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    It would be a nice gesture on your part to not let chances to train your customers slip by.
    Letting the large # of meso members, along with guys who come across your thread because meso is google indexed, know the exact days he ordered and took delivery is at the very least just something that slipped your mind that may also be looked at as gross negligence on your part(ok..maybe a little much).
    The post your customer made would have the post edited and him being either warned or banned on most boards. You could make a difference by pointing things out to him.
    You, the vendor, may not be concerned about LE because of your location...if your guy is in the usa he should clean up his act a bit.
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  12. Buggy2hot

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    People noting the days orders were placed, shipped and received is very commonplace in forums, and has been done in the very thread already. No other information was placed in my post.

    You’re overreacting just to hear your own voice. Nobody needs to be trained, and I’ve been doing this forum thing a long time just like you.

    I’m not going to respond to anything you say in return, so don’t expect a MESO-style back and forth. Mind your business, check your forum etiquette and clean up your own act.
  13. While it wouldn't be feasible for an interested 3 letter government agency to jump through so my hoops to track down an end user based on exact dates with no other information, it can give new members the impression that providing more details than are absolutely necessary is something they should openly do.

    This source openly posted tracking numbers. Those can easily be traced back to the end user, because USPS will willingly hand over all the information they have for an investigation.

    When green as fuck noobs see posts like that, but don't see the warranted and necessary chastising from members following that post, what's to stop them from posting similar information when there's a shipping problem? (It's been done before).

    The point is, what we're doing is illegal, regardless of the fact that we're just buying for personal use, and posting that i ordered on a Monday and received on a Friday doesn't benefit anyone anymore than saying i received my pack with a 4 day T/A.
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    @MisterSuperGod Well, I don't want to dwell on a subject but no need to be act like carrying 1 kg of coke in the ass while trying to cross the border. Don't get above yourself. Noone track you.
  15. i don't want to dwell either. Just pointing out the potential pitfalls of what too much information can bring.

    For every one guy that knows better, there's 10 noobs that don't.

    Also, i'm not dogging you on that mistake you made either. We all fuck up, were human. i was just using it as an example here and am happy to let the subject get buried from this point on.
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    Its more than clear that you're only here for a source and not concerned about the Community. Your short sightedness and desire to focus on "you" only is something we see here regularly so i don't take offense nor do I consider anything you may add outside of anything having to do with you as noteworthy.
    My point that you, or anyone, posting what you did here would have you "banned" or sent away with a stern warning on most other boards is a point worth making whether you like it or not.
    That you took offense simply adds support to my assertion that you only care about you and not the next guy that may find himself in similar circumstances.
    My suggestion that this source use these situations as a way to educate his customers on the best way to handle questions that can and do arise when ordering from him and help them evolve as informed consumers that will aid them in any future transactions with this source or any other, anywhere, is also a point worth making.
    You should thank me for making your posts meaningful to others by pointing out where you fucked up so they wont make the same mistakes.
    The cumulative effect posts like yours have can ultimately fuck the lives up of members down the road if and when LE ever decided to move on posted tracking #'s or any other potentially identifying info that a seemingly benign post you make now...which is a testament to your being shortsighted.
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    Educate what? Lol.
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    Since we are on the subject, I have a question.
    I didn't give adnan my number but DHL where sending me texts. How did that happen?
  19. adnansanat

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    That's weird. Never happened it before. But I remember that there's something wrong with your address, so recheck your memory, didn't you call for them firstly for fixing your address?
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