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    so it is a vial as opposed to an amp like pregnyl? And is choriomon pharmaceutical product not underground? Looking at this product myself
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    I noticed the disclaimer on the site that the Norma Hellas deca has slightly less than the expected 2ml per vial. Seems like an unusual problem for a pharm grade product (if anything I know they tend to overfill a little bit when making amps). How confident are you that the deca is legit Norma and not counterfeit?

    P.S. I know you're just a reseller and it's not your fault if they're fake, but just curious as an end-user that cares a lot about quality. :)
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    Ordered a few days ago, but didn't notice my country had a very small chance of passing customs. Turkish immediately addressed it and refunded me my BTC. A really fair guy, wish I can order something from him again in the near future.
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  4. Both Choriomon and Pregnyl come in vials now(pregnyl packing updated), they are both pharm grade products. Choriomon is IBSA product:

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    Very satisfied and it's a pleasure working with tp.
    Tp is very knowledgeable in his supplements and provides me with the quality products I expect.
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  6. Yes both Norma Deca and Norma enanthates are same, I blame laziness of Greeks for that :) Decas are like 1.7 ml and enanthates are 0.9 ml. Once I can set up lab testing I will lab test decas. I will not test Norma test e because previously they were tested by bloodwork a few times and they are good to go so far.

    Once I was talking about same thing with a client, he told me both normas turn up less than should be, I told him I know it and I will not sell them anymore I dont want people to have questions in mind about it. He talked a bit upset, told me he had best results from these two and the amount of weight and strength he gained was amazing, why would I quit selling them so I decided to keep selling them. As far as I remember he is a member here he can respond to this if he likes :)

    Decas have unique codes and barcodes for each box on them to avoid counterfeiting but its not a very great system in my opinion.
  7. Once a client from Belgium was reached by cops to testify why he was shipped steroids and if he had a prescription for them. This was first time ever in 7 years this happened to any client of mine. Later after he testified, nothing happened he didnt have any issues or fine.

    Thats why after you told me its ok if we didnt have reship guarantee and I could send the order, I got back to you and made you give up on shipping and made refund. Even though its a slight risk(just one of 10 orders there are seized maybe even less) I didnt want to put you through it. I wouldnt want anyone to have issues for just 20 amps of steroids.
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    Really nice of you to look out for others. I’ve sent several of my friends your way... about 4~5. Country is USA. All ordered and received with No complaints. Thank you.
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  9. Here is new Pregnyl:

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  10. Thank you sir.
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    I’m Confused, the box says pregnyl 1500 IU. But there are five vials of solvent and five vials of powder. If each vial of powder is 300 IU, that would be 1500. If each vial is 1500 iu, that would be 7500. But the listing says it is for 4500 IU. So this doesn’t make sense, unless you get three kits that are 1500 IU each. But that’s a lot of vials to get just 4500 IU of hcg. Are you sure you have it listed correctly?
  12. As in photo, they are 3 vials of 1500 IU each and 3 vials of sterile water as solvent sir.
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    Ah ok so you don’t send it in it’s packaging? Are you willing to sell the unopened 7500 iu kits?
  14. bob hughes

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    I’m not trying to give you a hard time I would just prefer to buy an unopened 7500 iu kit than loose vials
  15. bob hughes

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    Also does the choriomon come In its original packaging?
  16. Like I said and its visible on photo, Pregnyl is 1500 IU x3 vials per box.
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  17. Yes it does.
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    TD of another order. Thanks @Turkish Pharmacy !! Great service and appreciate the freebies :)
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    This new MSD pregnyl is sold in turkish pharmacy? How much one box from your web store ?
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    Meh sounds like bullshit to me, they have no evidence against you nor did I ever hear cops going to someones house for roids. Trust me it's nothing like USA lol. I'm going to order next time for sure. Bet on that brother.