URGENT: If you use same password on MESO that is used on other forums or email accounts...

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by Millard Baker, Sep 9, 2019.

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    :D:D:D that made me laugh!!
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  2. Mbaku53

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    I only ask because someone above suggested going to settings>security>2factor, and I don't see the security option on my free version.
  3. MindlessWork

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    Yeah u are right. I don’t see the 2FA option on the free version. Only the paid version offers it.
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  4. Serono

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    Hi, this is incorrect. You need to log in, via the website and you can enable 2fa. I have a free account(as a backup) and just verified this.

    Alternatively there is a 2 password mode, which is another good feature to enable. You can read more about it here.

    What is One Password Mode? - ProtonMail Support
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  5. MindlessWork

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    Oh so this option is not in the app but on the site? Will check this when I get home later and getting onto my laptop. Thanks for this tip.
  6. Serono

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    Correct. As per protonmail.
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  7. Avies48

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    All i can say is trying to use tapatalk with 2 step verification is damn impossible, never lets me log in and doesnt accept the code from authy ever
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  8. Ok I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed on the interwebs how do I reset password
  9. legendary

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    Click on your avi. Top right
  10. And then
  11. Got it
  12. tylersburden

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    Also letting google know you password and what your surching
  13. tylersburden

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    I think a better way would be to just use keypass
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  15. How do I change my password
  16. Millard Baker

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  17. Go to the top of the screen. Click your avatar and choose Password. If you're using Crapatalk, it may be different and i cannot help you there.
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  18. Artifex

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    I have paid ( professional version ) + VPN
  19. Artifex

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    Done with Authy app ( had little hickup couldn't log in back a day so ) ... Then I set up for email verification ( 2FA ) ...
    Works fine !
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    Some crazy shit going on in the AAS world lately. Lot other forums just disappear. Plus another bust this one in Ohio.