US Pharma PCT and Ancillary Meds**Fast Shipping**

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  1. Serono

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    Hey @Digger:
    Tamox = Mylan USA
    Letro =Accord Healthcare USA

    Going to leave this here for page 2 viewers :)

    10% off + free shipping for the time being.

    AI's, SERMS and prolactin Control

    Product | Strength | Count | Price
    arimidex | 1mg | 30 | $50

    Pfizer exemestane(aromasin) | 25mg | 30 | $70

    Raloxifene | 60mg | 30ct | $90

    letrozole | 2.5mg | 30ct | $50

    nolvadex | 20mg | 30 | $60

    clomid | 50mg | 30 | $75

    Pfizer cabergoline | 1mg | 20 | $60

    Prami | 1mg | 90 | $50

    Mix and match 5 Pack Items: $200

    Pfizer cabergoline(1 per order)
    Choriomon hcg

    HCG and Insulin

    Product | Strength | Count | Price

    Choriomon hcg | 5,000iu(1x multiuse vial/NO WATER)| 1 | $50

    Humalog or Novolog pen |100iu/ml | 3ml | $50(out of stock)

    Hospira Bacteriostatic Water |n/a | 30ml | $10

    Sexual Health

    Product | Strength | Count | Price

    viagra (sildenafil) | 20mg | 90 | $90

    Fat Loss

    Product | Strength | Count | Price

    t3 | 50mcg | 100 | $125

    Metformin | 1000mg | 30ct | $50

    Blood-Pressure and General Health

    Product | Strength | Count | Price

    Lisinopril(bp med) | 20mg | 30 | $50

    Telmesartin(bp med) | 80mg | 30 | $50
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  2. Future plans to carry T4?
  3. Serono

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    Sure, I can. I might actually have some on hand, as I used to carry it. I have to check.

    If there was interest I also could bring some in...

    Let me check and report back!
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  4. Grab Bag

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    Hey boys, placed an order this weekend, I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.

    @Serono if you started carry finasteride I would certainly order some. Hope you end up doing so.
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  5. Thanks man, if you could let me know that's be clutch
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  6. Serono

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  7. penche

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    Done business with @Serono plenty of times in the past. Dude is solid
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  8. Just ordered some AI's from this source...Probably the quickest response and order I have ever made lol. Thanks @Serono !!!
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  9. Avies48

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    I see silda, but do u plan to get any cialis? 5 mlg tabs or any other dosage?
  10. Serono

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    Thank you bro!
    Thanks for your trust! I think you will be really happy :)
    The problem with Cialis is the patent just expired so they are really expensive still. I will check price again, but I remember last time I looked it was still stupid.

    Do you guys prefer 5mg vs the 20mg?
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  11. Grab Bag

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    Gotta give credit where credit is due- Great communication, amazon prime TA speed, and received exactly as described. Worth the price to not have to deal w customs or play the waiting game.

    I haven’t tested anything, and won’t for a while, but all came w original packaging and looks legit (however, without revealing too much I will just say that packaging had been altered to keep the pills from knocking around), so assuming he didn’t swap anything out for fentanyl or Chinese Dick pills, all looks good.

    Thanks @Serono
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  12. Serono

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    Haha thanks man. I can assure no shenanigans.

    A lot of these items come with little(and many times NO) cotton in the bottles and they make a tremendous amount of noise, especially when multiple items are in a box. So it s a necessity to repack things when needed for everyone's best interest. :)

    Thanks again,
  13. Grab Bag

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    Hah, yeah. You were upfront about the packaging in your first post so I wasn’t concerned about it... those fuckers will do whatever they can to save 1/16 of a cent on packaging.
  14. SwoleIsTheGoal

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    What is the country of origin for the hcg, if not from the US?
  15. Avies48

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    I personally like the 5 mlg then i can take it daily without having to cut and guess if the tab cuts weirdly...
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  16. Had a TD from @Serono pretty fast and good communication. Everything looks good, I’m excited to try US pharma serms, I’ve had US pharma tamoxifen, brand Teva but never clomid. Can easily go to drugs . Com’s pill identification wizard to verify the imprints match with what’s available in the US. Which they did btw. Anyway happy with my order!
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  17. Serono

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    Thanks man! I appreciate giving me the chance to earn your business.

    Glad to be able to provide such great products for everyone.
    Turkish market, MFG by IBSA Switzerland

    Just to confirm this is in regards to cialis?(it isn't clear by the post you quoted)

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  18. Digger

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    Personally, I like to take around 10mg cialis, but even if I were to take 5 I find it pretty easy to quarter a pill. Perhaps I'm just a skill pill splitter tho
  19. Mr.B66

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    Im sure you've figured out by now that serono is a top notch source and true professional. Ive used him many times in the past and his turnaround and communication are unmatched.
    Glad to see he's still here.
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    Hey brother , good to see your still kickin around here.
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