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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Serono, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. MFMC

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    Speedy touchdowns. Solid.
  2. Serono

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    Thanks so much man. These kinds of reviews, mean the world to me! Enjoy it in good health!

    Thanks brotha!

    Thanks for your trust :)
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  3. cujo

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    Can you shoot me a pm please
  4. Mrway14

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    Got my order within 5 days :)
  5. Pong

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    Do you send to eu?
  6. Evom1

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    Hey @Serono can you shoot me your email please?
  7. Sakuraba

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    There is a scammer using a similar email address (
    Somehow compromised my proton mail, I still don't understand it.
    Hope no one else gets caught by this.
    Use 2fa!
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  8. Serono

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    Yea man that is unfortunate.

    So what usually happens is, your email gets compromised, and the scammer can see you are communicating with someone and about to make a transaction, so they make a similar email, or spoof an email, and step in to close the transaction.

    I have said it in here before, and will say it again, USE 2FACTOR, and ideally a password manager so you can use unique, strong passwords for all accounts. Don't reuse passwords, or use weak passwords.

    Also you have to use a bit of smarts. If you are used to talking to a source via protonmail, and all of the sudden the email switches to another provider, the red flags should immediately go up!

    Also be careful to never click any of those bullshit phishing emails proton users tend to get. If the yellow star is not highlighted it is not a legit protonmail email, and should be discarded immediately.

    I am going to say this here again. I use ONE email, and ONE email only. I never communicate in PM's or by any other means. So if anyone ever tries to impersonate me, if it is not coming from my ONE email do not send money, period. I don't care if you are on another forum and someone has my handle, because it isn't me, period. I will NEVER talk via PM in any fashion other than to supply my ONE email.

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  9. Sakuraba

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    I'll omit details, but the way serono has handled this is beyond reproach and I can't wait to do business with him.
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