Wats gud everybody, names "Megatron"

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by "Megatron", Oct 3, 2015.

  1. "Megatron"

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    Thanks, I'll make an appointment to get blood work. Monday
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    Ok. All joking aside...what is the 400lb club? Ive heard of the 1000lb club.
    I hope youre not trying to weigh 400 lbs!
  3. "Megatron"

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    Damnit!! Damn auto correct.
  4. "Megatron"

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    lol, no I'm not try a weigh 400 lbs, it's 400 on the bench I mean I do okay for my weight, but I guess I'm my biggest critic, wen everybody else likes my look I look at myself n say u need to keep pushing !!
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  5. "Megatron"

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    I just wanna thank everybody seems the guys who put me on don't know as much as they thought, so much they either ddnt tell me, or ddnt know, just kinda figured since one of the guys owns his own gym, is a beast he would know, I've researched n taken n everything everybody has told me... seems they just wanted me to be a pin cushion n not push me to find my maximum genetic potential before I started. Think it's time to put these paws to work, n teach some people a lesson.
  6. Are you the same Megatron that hangs out at Steroidology ?
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    Bummer man. I messed up a delt shot a week and a half ago. Needle was all over the place because my delt contracted. I should have started over but I was lazy and figuted I was already in. That was f****** stupid.