Weirdest thing anyone has offered you for money??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anthony Rodriguez, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. johntt44

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    You old perv!
  2. johntt44

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    Can they human traffic a full grown man? Would you fit in the crate?
  3. Artifex

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    Really have to be very careful these days :eek:

    Crazy world !
  4. This is actually hilarious and depressing at the same time.

    Those are unironically some of the same techniques human traffickers use to get people to "sign up" for shit.
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  5. flenser

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    On the beach fishing a dunk old guy once offered me $20 to real in his "giant fish". He was so drunk and overweight I thought he was going to have a heart attack, so I said OK. It was only seaweed, but he gave me the $20 anyway.
  6. jaymaximus

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    Got an offer on social media to fly to England to see a woman, she would pay, but only a one way ticket so I would stay awhile. Would've been cool, but I couldn't afford my own ticket if shit went sideways

    (The woman was a published successful writer, so she was legit)
  7. johntt44

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    That's an odd one. She shouldve had you pay for your ticket there. She could pay for your ticket home when she got sick of you. :)
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  8. MaxVolume

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    She didn’t offer me money, but a married chick / woman / girl is trying extremely hard to get me to come over and fuck her ... while her husband watches.
  9. MaxVolume

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    One-track mind, for fuck’s sake. I kinda feel bad for her husband. IMG_2075.JPG IMG_2074.JPG IMG_2073.JPG
  10. Brotato

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    when i was teenager an old asian man offered me 10k to dress up like a baby and let him take pictures of me super tempting amount of cash for a young man but I wasn't trying to get roofied by mr miyagi and wake up to him waxing off on my sweet booty
  11. M. Tugboat

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    Dude, 10k? That's a crazy amount, you should have done it. Just not without back up in case something goes wrong
  12. M. Tugboat

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    Some middle aged man offered me 100€ (110$) to see me beating my meat. I said no.

    For some context, he gay in the 80s and he was deep in the closet. He was watching all the other people go around with their relationships, holding hands and all that, and because he couldn't have that back then he has a think for men in their 20s now. Or at least that's what he told me.

    In my town you can also get 50€ for letting middle aged men suck your dick.
  13. johntt44

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    You live in a weird town! Nah, they probably do that around here too....
  14. johntt44

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    No money involved but my ex girlfriends 2 roommates wanted me to crank one out in front of them. I was 19 and they were early 20s. I told my gf why would I do that when I have you?
  15. Brotato

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    im talking i was 14 maybe 15 didnt have many options at that point in life in terms of even getting there let alone backup

    also pretty sure this would have been borderline porn of a minor which explains the price tag
  16. IncorrectName

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    Guy asked me to fuck his girlfriend. Said that he wanted to see more of me on webcam and then he would show me his girlfriend. Started telling me how he even has sucked a cock with her before and was told that he did it better than her.

    When I refused he said "what if I paid you?". Didn't get to know the amount.
  17. Brandaddy

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    Back when I was 19 I was doing door to door sales for awhile. One time I was out in the middle of no where talking to this dude about DirecTV and he's showing me pictures of his wife and kids and shit. So I'm not even remotely expecting what happened next. I went to leave and he asked if I wanted some head. I figured it must be some kind of drug reference because he was just showing me his family photos. But then he said,

    Him: "Come on man please let me suck your dick"

    Me: "dude, sorry I'm not into that shit."

    Him: "come on man. It'll be the best dick sucking of your life. I'll even give you $50 just let me suck your dick."

    At that point I just left. Lol.

    The funny thing is I gave him my business card and he started blowing up my phone and left me voicemails begging me to come back. Lol
  18. johntt44

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    Fucking yuck! Hahaha...