Wife and anavar.

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    Even if it's winny it's fine. It's Like refer madness over here! You understand that with an oral aas there is virtually no risk in any permanent virilization symptoms - really nothing that will last longer than a week if you recognize signs and cease the drugs.
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    My wife got absolutely no increase in libido with var. I believe the more androgenic a compound (without an increase in progesterone) the higher the sex drive. Var is anabolic which shouldnt increase sex drive.

    Increase in lbm would be what a girl should expect with legit var
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  3. Refer to me as, Sir :eek:
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    Did your ears grow? For me that's a sure sign it's legit var
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    I have my wife on Anavar now. Nothing but the best for her.. HumanGrade Upsher Smith. I only use 30mg of the stuff. Anything more, I get bloated for some reason.
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    No my nose grew from
    From all the lies I'm telling
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but var shouldn't cause any bloating at all should it?