Will this be the Future of powerlifting?

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Worf, May 21, 2020.

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    To me that’s the worst thing. At least stand together as a people. We’re all getting fucked by this. People are starting to wake up but it will take a longer time for people to actually see the world for what it is rather than what gooberment/media tells them to believe.
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    I don’t think anyone would argue that folks in general are worse of right now. Say before the Corona crap started things were better for me than 3.5 years previously. That had nothing to do with government and everything to do with me. I made a career move and it paid off. Started a family and I’m at a much better company and previous employer was falling apart last time I checked. The government gets no credit for that. As far as safety, I don’t think any adult should be relying on any form of government to provide safety for them. How do you fell less safe?
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    Well of course the previous employer is falling apart now... they’re worf-less.

    Ah. It’s been awhile but that felt good!
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    Yea, pussy Democrat ran states. And what's worse is they're too fucking stupid to realize the reasons their states aren't opening back up!
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    Worse off? Less safe? What the fuck are you talking about? What change needs to be made specifically? How are you less safe?
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    give some examples, besides coronavirus. And let's stick to real, tangible issues. Not emotional crap with no roots in reality please
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    Change in what way? Obama had us divided based on race. I always felt like riots could occur at any minute. That’s domestic.

    Let alone the fact we basically bent over to please other countries. International policy was like kindergarten “get along and play nicely”.

    With Trump, we have someone that’s no nonsense in office. It’s how anyone of us would handle shit if we were in office. Nobody wants to do shit to us because there is REAL consequences.

    This corona thing is going to play out and Trump will handle things in a practical manner. Media always sides with democrats since regulations for “fair and balanced” were removed. Problem is that the majority of people still believe the media is watching out for us. They aren’t. They are a tool to push the agenda. They shouldn’t call it the news or media anymore because it’s propaganda.
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    We are worse off because Trump is abandoning treaties and his erratic leadership in handling this coronavirus situation makes me uneasy and that hit home when I had 2 relatives with the virus (one died). This could have been avoided if action was taken a lot sooner before corona took a foothold in this country.

    As for change we need to have a strong and proactive intelligence community that acts as an early warning to various threats for one example.

    I know you have a dislike for me and I will accept that. You be you and I be me.
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    These issues are much deeper than what CNN or Fox News would have you believe. Don’t just let the propaganda get in your head and cause you to vote a certain way.Did you want to be on quarantine every time anything moderately hazardous could happen? Sorry to hear about your family members. Do you think isolating a few weeks earlier would have saved them? A few months? Harder lock down? Do you think everyone should be locked in their home? Easy to point the finger at Trump but in reality there’s a lot of shit bags involved in this and I think there’s been a massive over reaction in my state. Just goes to show the president has too damn much power, no matter what fucking color he is. Local governments and People Should be able to make their own decisions in regard to their own safety.
    Abandoning treaties? What treaties? With who? What have they done for us? How much money do we give them? How many US service members have died to defend their interests and how many of theirs are assisting us? Not all treaties are a good thing. Maybe they sound good when Minka Brazinsky or who ever the fuck says so but is it really the best use of US tax dollars? Could we fire half these empty suits and and live a higher quality life? Yes , the answer is yes.
    I think if we had any more of a proactive intelligence community in this country would be under Marshall law. You really want the TSA at the fucking grocery store. There’s always gonna be threats and if you or anybody else wants the utmost safety the will literally lock you in your house to keep you from driving and potentially getting in a vehicle accident. The government sees us as a source of revenue for their enterprises and global “economy “. The US government has been a shit show since FDR and the media has done nothing but brainwash good Americans to keep the charade going.
  10. Democrats would line up single file to be gassed.

    I wish we had more people in Canada who would stand up for themselves

    you think you guys have it bad?

    Our Prime Minister just passed a bill to forcibly remove all our guns from us if necessary.

    They even made the verbiage so insane... that it would have banned everything down to shotguns if people hadnt analyzed the document and called for change.

    Your Democrats are our Liberals.

    aand the Liberals are considered a "Centrist party"
    Imagine you had a party with nothing but AOC in it... and they had actual power.
    That's the fucking NDP

    We are a welfare state.

    Plain and simple

    Let's just say one thing...
    Decided to FORCIBLY demand you guns.... remove your right and ABILITY to defend yourself...
    With good intentions.

    Fucking never.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise....I have ocean front property in Saskatchewan I want to sell ya.

    You can take away our guns, when you pry them from my cold dead hands.

    Leftists sacrifice Freedom, for a little bit of safety.

    They deserve neither one.

    Can i be an American?
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    Hear Hear, tough to be a proud Canadian these days
  12. MindlessWork

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    I have quite a load of respect for you Canucks in these times.
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    Just tough to feel good about it with the PM we have and the agenda he keeps pushing
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    What treaties and what repercussions? Again, how are we worse off? The economy and small businesses have been much better under the current administration. I’m not going to touch your appeal to emotion about your relative but if Covid killed one there were most likely other health issues. Also Trump was stopped from banning all travel too and from China originally because it was “racist”. This was back in January.
    I have a dislike for you because honest to God I think you’re an online predator.
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    Trump tried to give governors the power to make wise decisions within their own states. So far bars and restaurants have opened back up, churches remain closed. Abortion clinics are open, churches remain closed. For anyone with kids, how do you feel about no recess, no interaction with other kids, no cafeteria lunches with friends, and your kindergartener growing up with a fucking mask on their face?

    Now, I really don't care what your faith is, but when the one place ppl can go for a sense of welcome, hope, and empowerment (no matter what your color or income or background is) closed it's doors and bars are opening back up, I have a serious fucking issue with that.

    Ppl can go to a Wal-Mart where every degenerate with every type of disease could be walking around, but they cannot attend a church? Makes no damn sense! A president that steps in and says wtf, open churches back up if you are opening restaurants and bars, I'm a fan of that guy.

    I simply don't understand how ppl cannot have a gut feeling and intuition that tells them when shit feels evil!
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    And this is no longer just Republican versus democrats, it's normal ppl versus radical fucking assholes!

    And why is it that the far left are mostly the ones violently protesting and bullying society lately? Seriously, take a look at everyone who wants to be heard but ostracizes ppl with different opinions lately. And from personal interaction with the far radical left, they all have one thing in common....THEY DON'T FUCKING WORK!!! They don't want ppl to work. It's like the hippie generation all over again. I mean, why not just ride around in VW bugs and smoke weed all fucking day and live off free money from the government?

    Imagine what kind of shitty soldiers these assholes would make? "Stop pointing that weapon at me, I'm offended!!"
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    I’m not positive on the church thing here. Churches here shut down on their own directive before the “mandate”. Even if they didn’t the government can do anything about it legally. You can’t pray at school so they aren’t allowed to dictate anything to religious groups. I think in other states it was a mandate and I hope they get their day in court. The government is a fucking joke and Trump is part of that not a beacon in rough seas. I do find the way he trolls the media pretty funny. Either way it’s not about who’s the president, they’re pitting us against one another with social issues and class warfare. Join or Die

    I can’t believe the bullshit has tricked down to power lifting meets, I mean do they really think people will pay to go to their meets if they come up with all these ridiculous rules? Some of these feds were already very rule heavy to begin with. USAPL I’m talking to you. It’s almost like anyone with any tiny amount of authority is using to feel powerful. No chalk, no locker Rooms, no audience. Bullshit. Watch these feds disappear if they think that’s gonna be the new norm.
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    I'd take up arms against my government. I don't know about anyone else but authoritarian ruling isn't something I subscribe to. You want my guns, take them. You come to take them? Better bring all of your friends. You're going to need them.

    I don't say these words lightly.

    I'm not too sure about the rest of the country but in this area there are large groups of people, both Democrat and Republican, that would happily and quite easily stand side by side and defend their right to keep and bear arms.

    I am from one of the most conservative towns in my state, maybe even the most. It's predominantly blue collar, self employed businesses and probably one Dunkin donuts per 100 residents (welcome to new England). This town alone would have thousands defending the 2nd amendment. My family will provide 6 able bodies to the civil war and would gladly leave countless dead bodies on the ground to soak the earth with blood.

    If I die, if my entire family does, so be it. I walk through Concord and Lexington from time to time. We have rich history here. It's almost a little easy to overlook how much history this area has when you grow up here. I recently was on a project in Lexington center, A visitor center/museum. The names of men who stood in the face of tyranny and died to protect their freedom is forever engrained in this countries history, carved into stone for as long as the stone can retain that information. Effort comes in many varieties, and sometimes effort will get you killed.

    The fear of death is scary to me. One of the only things that can actually shake me to my core. But it's the way and content of a death that makes it that way. Alone in a bed dying of sickness? In a car accident? Covid? All terrifying to me. Standing up for my God and my country and my rights? Standing up for the groundwork that built the foundation of my country? No fear, no hesitation, no regrets, no questions.

    Do not forget that America is a constitutional republic. We were built on a framework called the constitution. We were regarded as savages and outlaws when this was drafted. We were being mistreated by a government years before this was drafted, and us savages made them pay dearly.

    Come and take my guns.
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    The time to slit throats and hoist the Jolly Roger has been present for a while now. I’m glad others are beginning to see it too
  20. Fuck that

    I want to lift
    I want to do my first powerlifting meet early next year, have some fun.

    That's not fun.
    You can take other sports that all are about the money, like baseball etc and put some rules on it.

    Not PL, we arent fuckinf pussies
    We dont get paid.
    No matter how amazing and world class you are, you wont make a living.

    It's about PASSION

    Fuck the class warfare, fuck the extreme Nazi left.

    I just want to lift heavy weight.


    I can assure you,

    The lads will step up when the time comes.
    In terms of skill and balls... I'm the biggest most unqualified bitch in my circle.

    If they ever did come for me or my property.
    You guys will hear about it in the states

    I'll spray paint MESO on the house...so yall will know why I stopped posting.

    What the fuck is the point living as a slave?

    I'd rather die on my feet than live in my knees.

    The Nazis tricked everyone once.

    The German workers socialist party.

    Now its Antifa and the extreme left.

    My wife is from a communist country.

    She is DISGUSTED that people call for socialism and communism here.
    Where she is from, a party member could execute you kn the street and the police will laugh.

    Do we REALLY want to give our government that kind of power.

    Absolute power, corrupts
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