WTF is wrong with my elbows?

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  1. Exactly @Eman --- Thats where my tennis/golf elbow issues stem from . Squats and hand placement on the bar . Ive since widened my hand placement but still have the tendonitis from years of too close grip.
    Good point ;)
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    I had to switch, as well. I love the nice tight position of close grip low-bar, but it torks my elbow in a serious way. The wide grip took some getting used to, but it's either that or go to high bar, which I absolutely hate.

    Between that and wearing a tendonitis wrap for curling movements, my problem elbow seldom gives me issues.
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  3. When I first started really doing squats I was taught to make a cradle with my traps to sit the bar on but that means a close grip that squeezes the traps . It works but it also puts the elbows in a awkward position (for some people) resulting in tendonitis over time . I hate the high bar too and just learned to relax and lengthen my grip and keep the bar low.
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    I dont have any solutions for you bro. I would just like to sympathize with you and your jacked up elbows. Thoughts and prayers.
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    Every exercise hurt...I was going to an osteopath about two years before the rupture...he was shooting my tricep tendons with a prolotherapy injection every month for about a year....then I went to an MD and he shot me up with cortisone...nothing helped...after my surgery I was aggressive with therapy and was getting nowhere...finally I took a 4 month break where I did nothing except sit in my recliner...I slowly started back and they are semi okay now...I could do skull crushers with 185 easy...I only go to 95 now and I only work my entire upper body once a week...every time I start to push it they flare up...tendons take forever to heal due to a lack of blood supply...once you mess them up you just may have ongoing problems the rest of your life if you keep don't laugh but tricep kickbacks were a primary tricep exercise when I finally started training after my four month lay off.....
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    Great information actually. Appreciate you sharing the whole experience with me.
    A lot of people throw kickbacks and a few other mechanical exercises under the bus for no real reason. Are kickbacks a frontline tricep mass builder? F*ck no, but they have their place in the gym.
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    Pretty sure I know WTF is wrong with my elbows. The pain is only from pushing motions, triceps in particular. The pain is primarily located on the tip of the ulna where the triceps all attach on to the ligament bone in that location.

    ...pretty sure I have tricep tendonitis. Going to see a doc in 2 weeks.
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    I get pain in mostly my left elbow from squatting heavy. I recently read that could partially be due to an anterior/ posterior muscle imbalance. Tight chest and front delts combined with weak rear delta make it hard to get your upper back in the correct position. The post said to triple down on face pulls and rear delt work and this should eventually help with elbow pain when squatting.
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    Rear delt and rotator cuff muscle imbalances...makes sense.

    I think what I'm dealing with is a partial distal tear at the ligament connecting my triceps to my elbow. I put on muscle faster than my tricep ligament could catch up to. In other words...I over stressed the ligament while building muscle...I overtrained.
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    You can tell yourself that and pat yourself on the back but you didn’t tear it. It’s tendinitis.

    Everyone that lifts weights will get it and either take time off or work around it. I have had the same thing countless times. I get it from bench press, squats, and sometimes curls. Most of the time it has to do with wrist flexion.

    Go have an MRI done. They’ll be able to tell you if it’s a tear or if it’s tendinitis.
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    Seeing the doc soon. I may be a hypochondriac...we'll see.
    I really wouldn't congratulate myself with a pat on the back for acquiring a partial distal tear...if that's what it is, it's pretty damn serious.
    I have no pain on the inside of my elbow or the outside of my elbow. It can't be golfers/tennis elbow. The only pain is at the very tip of my elbow running slightly back onto the deep medial head of the tricep. Have you experienced this in particular?

    I've been out of the gym for 3 damn weeks, doing trigger point release and taking it easy. The pain has only gotten worse while taking time off, and flushing the toilet or closing a car door is painful. The gym is my shrine and I can't tell you how much it kills me to be out of it.

    I've been lifting natty for years and suffered injuries including a rotator cuff tear in the supraspinatus and a full labrum tear. This kind of elbow pain is completely new to me and doesn't feel like other elbow injuries I've had.

    I almost only get pain from tricep extension, especially with a supinated hand position. I get some pain from select chest exercises as well. No pain from squat, curl, row, pullups etc...

    If this is a common lifting injury I'll congratulate you @BigBaldBeardGuy
    But for now I'm pretty sure it's tricep ligament related or perhaps elbow bursitis if I'm lucky. If I'm wrong I'll whole heartedly admit it to you and thank god it's not serious.
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    Went to the doc and got an X-ray. I have a gnarly bone spur in my elbow right where the triceps ligament attaches to my elbow.
    Got a referral to go see an ortho on the early this next month. Hopefully they'll do an MRI and see how bad the damage is to the ligament...I miss the gym:(
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    I don't use any "bars" anymore because of tendon problems. It's all dumbbells or cables.
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    I think that's where I'm going to end up once this gets sorted.
    I used to really look down upon and limit my use of cables and machines but I've changed my mind as I've gotten older and realized their place and ability in strength training. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    No problem! I had tendinitis really bad before. Hope yours goes away.
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    Currently have golfers elbow myself. Pain when trying to curl, very little when doing push movements.
    Lots of useful info to treat. Rubbing across the tendon area with your thumb to get blood and aid in circulation has helped me a lot. I know this isn't exactly your issue, but all relevant more or less.
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    When I first noticed the intensity of the pain, I did just that. Trigger point release therapy has helped just about every injury I've had. This method also helps to stop scar tissue from forming or break up scar tissue forming over ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Dunno if this is helping me but I do appreciate the suggestion nonetheless.
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    Had problems with my elbows at one point. Whatever exercises made them hurt I quit doing until they healed up. Just have to work around it and it shouldn't take long once this is done. Unless you have continued to damage them, then you might be looking at a substantial length of time. In that case I would recommend a complete layoff until healed. Hopefully you haven't torn or ruptured ligaments or tendons.
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    You pretty much nailed it. I went back to the gym yesterday and did pulling only exercises. I can bench with minimal pain, however, I worry that pain will accumulate and I'll have to stop benching.

    Any movements that specifically target the triceps suck. I can do pronated tricep cable push downs with a medium amount of pain but I don't want to press my luck.

    From the X-rays the doc thinks the hook shaped bone spur is cutting into my tricep ligament where it attaches to the Olecranon process in the tip of the elbow. I will know more once I get MRI's done...I'll have to wait and see how long it takes to get insurance to clear that

    ...even leg lifts in a Roman Chair kill my elbows...piss poor luck.
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    Damn. That really sucks man. Sorry to hear that. I apologize for coming at you too. I was convinced it was tendinitis because I get the same pain in the same spot when I bench heave and don’t use wrist wraps. The flexion backwards puts a lot of stress on that tendon.

    Hope it doesn’t need surgery.
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