WTF is wrong with my elbows?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by OnTheRize, Aug 31, 2019.

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    I appreciate it brother. I'm still new to this forum so I can't take much too personally but I have a lot of respect for your integrity.

    I was really hoping you were right about this and the doc was going to tell me it was a form of tendonitis I haven't had before.
    Anyway...the ligament connected to the medial tricep head appears to still be attached in the X-rays (no bone flake at the point of attachment). If there isn't heavy damage to the ligament I'm guessing they'll just go in, shave off the spur and give me PRP injections for the ligament tear.
    I'm not going to jump to any conclusions on how bad the damage is till I get an MRI or I'll lose my f*cking mind worrying about having to have anchors screwed into my elbow and a bunch of other invasive surgeries.
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    There are a lot of thoughts on tennis and golfer's elbow. I have both. You can review it online, its all over including videos from Drs. I have even been to Ortho experts who couldn't do much to help. In the end, a bit of home rehab and rest work wonders. Oh...I also use elbow wraps and wrist wraps when going heavy to further protect myself. (Lifting large and Pioneer Fitness stuff).

    My solution, that works for me, is:
    • Stretch the wrist area before every workout, stretch wrist inwardly and outwardly.
    • Keep range of motion safe...
      • Don't overextend such that my elbows are ever in a weakened position.
      • The more weight, the more thought I have to have.
    • Be a bit slower on the lift transitions (top and bottom on lifts).
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