1. R

    Experience with very high (100mg+) Anavar per day?

    Not looking for if it can be done, or if it should be done, I'm looking for people to share the experience of what 100mg+ of Anavar will. Searched the forums and found little to read.
  2. Captain Steve Rogers

    Blood work — test E, anavar, arimidex

    I always see posts with people asking how much AI to take, and those posts always get the same response — get your bloods checked! I know this, because in years past I’d be the one searching it haha! So I thought I’d show you my intra cycle bloods to drive home the importance of knowing your...
  3. limitphobic

    2nd Cycle Ever (Sym's Re-Filtered Test C 250)

    Hey guys, second cycle of AAS, starting today. re-filtered some #FloaterGate2020 test. 3 years in the gym 5 days a week, about 45m-1h a trip the formula goes (Monday-Friday respectively): Chest, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Legs (Ab work on shoulder and arm days) cardio twice a week stats: Age: 29...
  4. PsychedBuck

    Sex performance to expect on Tst/prov/dbol/anv

    What do you guys think one can expect throughout the different stages of this cycle in regards to sexual performance? I'm curious especially towards the end, and even into PCT. I am 23 years old and considering this cycle for myself. I'll accept any input. Thanks
  5. TimeComes4usAll

    Cutting Cycle

    5'7". 45yo. 217lbs. 16%-18%bf MAX. Training 3yrs Looking to Recomp/Drop 15lbs of fat and hold onto as much muscle as possible. 80% of my extra weight is in my trunk. Legs are pretty cut up! They look good. I can see side striations on legs, quads, calves, are all cut. Trunk? That's where it's...
  6. PsychedBuck

    Stacked First Cycle

    Could use some opinions on my first cycle. Been building this idea for about a year and the moons lined up leading me to build this cycle- 5'9". 24yo. 165lbs. ~9%bf. Training ~3yrs Looking to put on 10-15lbs of lean muscle that I can keep before my honeymoon in January. Base: Test cyp...
  7. WatchWho

    Upcoming Cycle (Gear Just Arrived)

    The gear is here! Woohoo! So... I’m currently on a TRT/cruise at 175mg weekly of test cyp right now and about a month away from starting a nice feel good - easygoing blast. ;-) This will be a 12 week cycle: I Will increase test to 250mg/wk (microdosed daily) I will stack 600mg/wk of primo...
  8. gacela

    Is it possible to regain normal testosterone levels using only tamox in PCT?

    I will do a cycle of 500mg/week of testosterone prop, 20mg/day of anavar, 30mg/day of mk-677, for like 10 weeks, I will only use tamoxifen in PCT, because clomiphene is detectable up to 5 months after use in urine while tamoxifen is only 5 days. Any idea if it is possible to improve the...
  9. Creamy Kitty

    First Cycle- Stick with Anavar?

    Hello Meso, I was hoping for help on deciding what to start with. I like to go in over my head on most new ventures, but just want to verify I'm on the right track. I'm stuck deciding between Ostarine (and Cardarine?), Anadrol or Anavar. Osta and Cardarine are very popular in other forums...
  10. Blake Fountain


    Hey I’m a new member to this forum, but I’ve been a browser for a while and decided to finally make an account. I used to get all my gear from the dark web but dream got shut down and was my go to. Then my guy worked with me through email then ghosted me. I’ve recently have ordered from ashop...
  11. gunsrus

    NPP/Deca cycle experience/results?

    Anyone here have any experience with deca/npp(obviously there are a lot of you)? I'm curious how others felt/looked while on it. At start, middle, and end. Specifically NPP since that's what I'm on now. I'm on the tail end of a 12 week cycle of npp and a couple orals that I used to kickstart and...
  12. Yodii777

    Anavar & Dbol on top of HRT?

  13. MisterSuperGod

    Anavar + Creatine...

    According to every profile i've ever read, it's always mentioned that Anavar will increase Creatine uptake. But how? Please, get technical. i want to learn more. Also, Is this trait unique to Anavar or does it also occur with other DHT derivatives like Winstrol, Masteron or Primobolan?
  14. Fitfemale31

    Female anavar only cycle

    Hello ladies and gents, Not sure if I’m doing this correctly but here I am regardless. Getting ready to start an anavar only cycle. This will be my first cycle of gear ever. I’ve lifted for around 3-4 years. I compete in npc bikini although I took some time off. The plan: I’m prepping to get...
  15. G

    Test E, Tren E, Var

    Hey everyone, I am a new member to Meso Rx and I’ll be posting about my upcoming cycle to see what you guys and ladies think about it. This is my third cycle over the last several years but I used to take the advice of old friends so unfortunately, I don’t have any baseline blood tests to use...
  16. L

    Female Var/Clen Cycle Log

    Because of the lack of resources on steroids for women I decided to log my personal experience during my anavar/ clenbuterol cycle (roids from alpha pharma). This is going to be my first cycle on steroids. Ive been on the cycle for a little ver a week now I just have been waiting for my account...
  17. StillMind

    First cycle log

    what’s going on guys! I’ve been a long time lurker for about two years now. Have been lifting for about 15 years on and off. And seriously lifting for about 7. I’m 6’2 195 dehydrated, 200 average walking weight. After getting back, I’ve recomp’d down to 12% from 185 at over 15% bf. My heaviest...
  18. EQ Kimball

    Tren E - Test E - Anavar Cycle

    Hey fellas 3rd blast coming up and I have some questions for the collective experienced members of this community. Current Stats and gear running: 24 Y.O - 3rd Cycle - 257lbs - 6'3 - This Deca bulk is fattening me up and i'm around 15% BF (estimation). I'm currently running: 1g Test Enth...
  19. NewBut-TrueDedicaion

    Low energy - Cutting cycle

    Hey all its been a while since Ive posted.. been having great success in the gym the past while and everythings been going great till now. Thought Id see if I could get some advice to possibly push through my problem Stats: Age:28 Height: 6'2" Weight: 215(now) 227(when I finished bulk End of...
  20. Natesfitness

    1st cycle - Var, clen and phen

    Finally - my summer cut starts today! Decided to make a different thread for my cycle log :) I am doing an 8 week cycle of var, clen and phen. I won't be starting with everything all at once - that might be too much to start off with. So I'm starting with var and phen and then I'll add clen...