1. J

    Long cycle gains

    I know the recommended cycle duration is 12-16 weeks but im going for 30 weeks i recovered perfectly from my last 25 week cycle and actually gained strength during pct, I was wondering before I order a new batch should I switch the compounds up or just keep running test E, I started with test e...
  2. D0017

    On cycle vs off cycle cut.

    Last year, I ran a bulk cycle in the winter(195-215lbs) consisted of test @ 600, 4 week dbol @50mg. Results were great as expected. Summer time I did a cut (208-187lbs) Test@200, tren@500. Got stronger and leaner, but no gains in muscle size obviously. My question is, who has experience with...
  3. R

    Test C and size gains

    Hi, I’m not 3.5 weeks into my Test C Cycle. The strength gains are already very noticeable, and I can definitely see size gains in my shoulders and chest. Was wondering how long until I see proper noticeable size gains though? I know my diet and macros are all up to scratch, so when did you from...
  4. beast117

    New canadian guy

    Hey guys, been lurking on your forums for a little while now and finally got approved. Im a 5ft11, 20 year old male who's been liftinf consistently for around 3 years. Ive trained on and off prior to that but have only been really dedicated for the better part of the last 3 years. I weight...
  5. Zyzż_

    thc infused edibles an recovery

    can you get any benefits from eating thc infused edibles after lifting on cycle? (Not right after like prolly after protein and post meal) and I'm sure it's way better then smoking weed/dabs but I'm wondering if there's anything on this topic because I just ate a gummy an it just came to my mind...
  6. stevesmith19

    Test E Tren E Log

    Hey guys, Long time reader but first time poster here. I have a done a few cycles in the past (Test E and Dbol, a SARMs cycle, T400 anadrol etc) my stats are: 25yo 5'9 183lbs 9-11% body fat (last time I checked it was 10.4% the time before that was 9.7%) Max squat --> 365 Max bench --> 315...
  7. C

    bulking cycle: second cycle

    hey. first off this cycle I'm going to be trying tren for the first time. i am looking for opinions on any improvements on my cycle plan/idea. fore diet and training i have a online coach that helps me with my macros and exercise plans. my stats are : 5 foot 5inches/ male/ 21 years old/ bf...
  8. G


    Has anyone on here kept a detailed log of MENT before and after use? Like how much lean mass can you gain over what period of time? Side effects/estrogen levels, did you stack it with anything etc?
  9. E

    Post before and after pics of your first steroid cycle

    Im about to run my first cycle and am curious what others ppl gains were like.
  10. Gbaby12

    It's Chest Day

    Today is Chest day, you need that pump before you go out to your friends this Friday night to show them how much better you are then all of them. So eat a handful of dbol, drink a monster, and get to the gym a half hour before it closes at 9. your normally doing 225 but slap an extra 45 on there...
  11. Ayym8

    Gaining a pound a day... And I'm natural

    Okay so what the hell, I started bulking about 8 days ago, before I started bulking I was eating around 2000 calories a day of mostly clean food, (steak, tuna, chicken, turkey) and now I eat the same food but instead eating around 3500calories a day, I work a very physical job 8 hours a day 3...
  12. YouKnowIRUN

    2nd cycle question

    Whens the soonest i can start a 2nd cycle, my nuts and everything are back to normal and I'm eager
  13. Thesauceboss

    Tren and test ratio

    Just womdering what your guys's thoughts are on a dosing tren enanthate at 600mg ew and test enanthate at 400mg ew? Considering switching it up this time.
  14. Thesauceboss

    Kept 20 lbs without pct

    Hey I ran a cycle of test 400 at 600mg ew, tren ace at 400mg ew, and anavar at 60mg every week. I had gained 44 pounds from this cycle and was able to maintain 10% body fat. I know this sounds nuts but that's tren for ya. Anyways my mother had happened to stumble across my next cycle I had...
  15. PMAN6815

    Cycle Advice

    I'm going to start a stack for the first time. Usually I've just used Test E or Sustanon but I'm thinking about doing Sust and Deca. But I'm not sure what the best way is to stack with dosages and such.. Do I take half of each compound and once, Or 1 CC of both on different days? .... Should I...
  16. JoshaFlockz

    First Cycle Test E only or Test E + Tren E

    21 yrs old, 170 lbs, 5'8 , hovering between 10-12% bf, been around AAS for a while , helped my cousin with injections during his test only cycle, been training for about 4 years with some breaks in between, flat bench 315x2 , squat 335x3 , will update with pics later on , was just wanting some...
  17. PMAN6815

    Cycle advice, getting good gear

    Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and maybe get some advice on how to achieve my goals. I'm 34 years old, 5'11, currently weigh 178lbs, lean with bf% around 9%. I've done some cycles in the past of sust and had great gains but my dealer disappeared over a year ago and I keep...
  18. T

    Poor Gains on Cycle and What to Do

    All, I started my cycle a month and a half ago - Test E 250, Deca 250 (Nandrolone Decanoate), and Dianabol. A little more than a week into the cycle, I was at the doctor's office for an unrelated matter, and my blood pressure was at an unhealthy level and my heart rate was the highest that...

    Football player cycle

    Hey Men, I am a Senior who has competed in four Years of Division 1 college football at the higher level. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to receiving a Division 1 scholarship and now I am here in my final season after redshirting my first year to a All-American Guard. In High...
  20. Thesauceboss

    Halotestin strength gains

    hey, I have some halotestin from northern labs ordered up. Was wondering what some of you can share in terms of the strength gains vs anadrol. I was running a bombs for 6 weeks for 75 mg everyday, and my bench blew up in weight, and seeing as halo is very androgenic, should I expect that same...