10 yr old Daughter received a video msg

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    The schools´ipads are to be taken home, with more control in the current school than the former one, where there was basically none but where the academic level was likely better
    Yeah sure it´s a problem if all they do is being stuck in front of a screen, and kids as well as adults are keen on doing just that, an issue to deal with. When I was young we had TV, and internet imo is way more interesting than TV.
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    It is not good for kids that age to have smart phones. You are basically forcing stress upon them.
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    You might want to ask your daughter if she has received any strange videos before.

    She might be struggling to tell you.

    I'd be livid too.
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  4. I asked her and she said no. She did not even get a chance to see the video that was sent to her. Adjustments.jpg Adjustments.jpg
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    Because destroying another kid's future over misdialing is just alpha as fuck. :rolleyes:
  6. It's hell being 10 years old. It all starts with the cell phone. They stay up all night trying to get their makeup just right for that perfect Instagram photo.

    Then their grades begin to slip and they don't learn the multiplication table or what comes after the letter M.

    They then fall in with the wrong crowd at recess. Befriending the bad kids that hang out underneath the monkey bars. The ones putting blades of grass in their mouths, pretending to smoke.

    They eventually drop out of school, become a stripper or a waitress and in their free time, they join steroid forums to psychoanalyze the other members.

    It all begins with the cell phone.
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    You have pretty much everything right except for it being the cell phones fault.

    Here is how it works. For example, let's say I am extremely stressed. There are certain nervous behaviors that I will exhibit during my stress. Anything oral as I have stated before is a nervous habit, there is also excessive sensory input attention that is needed. I will post a Venn diagram showing it. To the left you see the Ventral Attention Network. That is where the smart phone is. It gets classified as "Increased stimulus driven attention."

    Now it isn't really ALL the Smart phone's fault, however a huge part of it is ENABLED by the smart phone. And if you take the smart phone away then the nervous behaviors will manifest in another way. The reason why somebody can't sit still is because of nervousness or stress.

    Meditation is used to try to create a calm, a person that has a lot of stress and nervousness can't sit still for 5-10 minutes without talking or getting sensory input.

    The Smart phone will bring about stress though through social media applications and other apps such as TikTok. Anything that is comparing and showing how great things are and making the user feel like their life isn't fulfilled.
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    This was an incredible poor move. I am going to assume that you are a male that weighs at least 180+lbs. If the person you sent that to was a 105 lb woman and you just wrote that you were going to beat them into the ground... Do you see how it wasn't a good idea?

    You are lucky the person responded the way they did. Personally I would have given you my address by "mistake" and then called the cops when you were here. You basically threatened a person to death over a mistake.

    Before you react to things do a 10 count or wait until the next day. It isn't in your daughter's best interest to have a father in jail.
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    I dont think that he would actually beat a kid. Just trying to scare him a little. Sometimes it works, other times it doesnt.
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    I mean if it was a kid that he threatened to death that makes it even worse huh?!
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    I know you were half joking but you are extremely correct with this statement. Blades of grass in the mouth are a huge Red Flag.

    Anything oral but especially emulating adult behaviors, if I heard of a kid that had grass in their mouth I would give it a 70-80% chance that their parents smoke or one of their idols smoke.
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  12. Is that an appropriate question to be asking me give the predicament you’re in?
    I’m not desperate, and I have respect for people’s privacy. I deleted them. How her pussy looked is none of your business nor was it mine.
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    Not sure what predicament I’m supposed to be in. Maybe you have me mixed up with some else. However what I said was in jest. I’m sure her and Eric are doing well. Be good man.
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    Yeah. I had adults threaten to kill me as a kid to my face(I was a prick). I never felt really threatened just thought they were really pissed off at me.
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    This is exactly why it is out of the question for my children to have a cell phone. My son (7) has been begging and I’m not in the least bit moved to get him one.

    Unfortunately, most of his friends already have them. I signed him up for jujitsu in place of the phone lol it’s taken his mind off of it for the time being..
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    Good! Be a parent, not a friend. Do what's in your child's best interest.
    So happy to hear this!
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    Nobody knows if it's actually a 10 y.o. the one who sent the video. It might be an adult child molester (who should go to jail)
    Let the cops find out.