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    Don't remove the top, just use a heating pad or the coffee maker hot plate. Easy peasy.
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    I never pin without warming my gear. Wether it be in the summer or winter. A heating pad is the way to go. I put them on it an fold it in half. Then I put a blanket, jacket, whatever over it an jump in the shower. Its kinda my ritual hahaha. I like to be nice an clean before pinning, call me crazy but thats just me. By the time I get out the oil is nice an easy to draw since I use a 25g to draw an pin with. Not only does the heat cure crashed gear but it also thins the gear out making it so much easier to draw an pin with;)
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    I prefer to put hot water in a pot and turn your burner on to medium heat.. about 1 inch of water or even a little less... set your vials in the water and let them set about 10 minutes .. less if your have a good stove... lol... it fucks up your labels but who cares..
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    Remember you're dealing domestic
    not international. Posting pics and discussing packaging can turn bad if the L@W is watching. Don't forget about De@ cyber bust BS. Be safe and watch your 6 o'clock.

    Btw not trying to be a dick or rep just paranoia kicks in sometimes. To fix crash gear it's easy. I warm a ceramic coffee cup with water for 50 seconds in microwave. Then remove and place vial in ceramic cup, you can vent it with a pin. Crash becomes uncrash.
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  6. Yup.. I flip the candle warmer on and hit the shower. All good when I am fresh out shower.
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    Nice, it never dawned on me to use the candle warmer, that's a lot more convenient. Skull just sold me on heating the oil on every inject.
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    So how many of you all take all the extra support vitamins and all that other stuff? The reason I ask is because im beginning to get quite the collection of herbals and im wondering just how much of it I really need.. First the list of shit I know I need.. I take b vitamins for energy support .... im taking zinc for testosterone and immune system support, and I take milk thistle for liver support... I recently added potassium to get rid of those muscle cramps that always seem to show up during a cycle and its been a life saver... any thoughts on this stuff? Now for the shit I really don't think I need.... Hawthorne berries? For heart health? anybody? and saw palmetto? prostate support? My point is ive read just as many threads saying its a waste as I have saying its a must.. Am I wasting my money?
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    verify what supplements are actually supported with legitimate human studies at the website above.
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    I understand where you're coming from and I tried not to be specific with anything I said. I posted the picture just so other people can understand exactly how it looks without thinking it would be a problem, since I saw pictures of vials on this forum before. I apologize if I wasn't supposed to and thank you for the reply
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    You're good bud. We're a tight community here and try to watch out for one another. By your response, you'll fit in well. Take care.

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  12. I'm taking mega men sport multi viatmins, fish oil and n.a.c. the only one I started taking for my cycle was n.a.c. mostly because it is cheap so no pain. Mega men can get pricey but I get it on eBay for a much better deal
  13. Again.... anyone using 24's var? If so how you feeling ? Is he's oos I know some of you are giving it a shot!
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    Based upon my experience with all the other compounds I've run from 24k... I'd imagine the var is on point as well. I have yet to read anyone being disappointed by their products.
  15. Ive heard and feel the same exact way. I'm currently on the var 40mg/day but don't see or feel anything different. I would like to know how others like it. What they see/feel. Test is great got bloods to prove aswell
  16. I'm only asking because I'm reading a lot of var ends up being dbol or winny.. so I'm curious that's all. Thinking of going up to 60 mg
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    I found your ava Fucking funny. ..just saying
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    Vit D and K, Super Biocurim, Liv 52, Fish oil, 1 tbs of real lemon juice in warm water first thing, I use a glucouse disposal agent for cheat meals made by Primenutrition, I aslo use INTRA MD 3 scoops with 10 ius Nolalog pre workout, but thats about it.
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    Id go up to 80mgs daily and if you really want to blow out of your skin take two of 24z Dball 20 mi pre work out also.
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    I'm thinking of IM injections in the calves with a slin pin, good idea or bad idea? And where exactly should I pin? Medial head or lateral head of gastrocnemius?