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    Wherever there's less nerves and the toughest part of the meat. My educated guess would be outer lateral calf area. Be carful I pinned my bicep with 23g 1 inch(1.2ml test) dead center highest peek. Sucker got red and irritated. Won't to do that again lol. Still trained throughout the pain. :)
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    Holy shit, I'd never use a 23g for a smaller muscle. I'd be using a slin pin because my calves are pretty lean
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    I'm wondering why guys are during the spot injections such as calves, quads ect? I had this conversation at another part of this forum regarding spot injections wonder if that works for size I know I had my shoulders all the time at my shoulders are huge but I just assumed it was genetics.
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    If you're pinning ED, you need options man. Also, some people can't reach certain areas on their bodies.
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    no wonder my shoulders feel like styrofoam lol thanks for the input bro happy Holidays to everyone on the forum
  6. Just got my order. Discreet package and quality TA.
  7. what did I do to you? getbigNOTdietrying NOT! dammit. lol 80 mg var and 40 dbol? too much liver kill a day.
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    Are you not doing any I.M?
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    he sells tits and ass? i didnt see that offered.
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    Good one...haha
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    That's on the "other list" - it's by invite only. ;)
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    Looks good! Pin it! Kidding.. I dont think thats test E... Ive never had or heard of test E crashing.. ESPECIALLY at 200mg/ml. His supplier probably sent him cyp raws. It happens sometimes. Try running it under hot water for a few mins. Hope that helps ;)
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    T/a was smooth and quick. Only thing test e was crashed. 24k gave me directions on fixing that so no biggie. Eq pinned smooth. Running test n deca from different source. 3cc twice a week rotate glute. Been my second pin. Real smooth. Can't wait to try this tren!!
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    Did the heat work?
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    Agreed... I pin every day and no matter how carefull I am I still get sore from time to time.. not because of the gear but just because I suck at holding still... and last i tried to pin my glutes i ended up pushing tren in to a vein and spending the next 15 minutes thinking i was about to die.. lol.. So for me its about location and convenience.. quads, delts are just easier than other spots..
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    Its fine.. and its test e.. a lot of people have been having it crash lately due to the cooler shipping weather.. mine was crashed when i got it and i had no problem bringing it back..
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    Tren is good you will be happy with it... Im 2 weeks in and already better results than my last 10 week cycle...
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    Merry Christmas!
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