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    So what does the doxycycline do apart from kill bacteria? It somehow affects the gland that produces oil?
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    I don't think it works directly on lessening oil production as accutane would but when your oil thickens clogging pours which causes bacteria in the skin so I'm assuming it works that way. That's my 2 cents. He didn't really get into the way it works more or less told me best time to take it if I cycle
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    Right and i understand that. Just questioning this a little. Im no doc but i do know antibiotics work on acne because they kill bacteria (the pimples). They do not work directly on oil production. Taking antibiotics on cycle will work no boubt, just not in the way the doctor is saying if i understand him right.
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    Right. Yea I understand where your coming from. Just how he said it I don't think he directed it to it reacting on the oil gland it self the way he said it seemed that way tho. I have accutane on hand and he told me to use this first. Said should only use accutane for severe cases which I don't have acne other than when using aas
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    I believe the estrogen levels played some role, following a long cycle of sustanon and tren, and no pct I developed the worst cystic acne on my lower back. lasted for months, nothing worked, imo, it occurs at the end because test levels diminish, estrogen increases, throwing the balance out of order. seems worse with high androgenic substances.
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    I loved the sustanon I ran this last cycle except I experienced the worst acne of any cycle I have run previously. Is this common due to the four different esters creating an imbalance of testosterone and estroi build up i dunno for sure but if I choose to cycle again im sticking to test e. Cystic acne does not go away and the harder you fight it the harder it fights back. I'm almost compt off cycle and going to stay off for a year mostly cause of the acne problem I've created. And I've always had great skin even on cycles in past.
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    Go get B5.. 500mg pills and take 16 a day split into 4 doses of 4.
    Worked amazing and it's not an antibiotic.
    I'm trying 12 right now, split in 4 3x a day.
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    Anyone else have success with B5??
    Those doses just seem insane
  9. Steve84

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    It is a lot...but works.

    Just give it a go for 2 weeks. You won't regret it.
  10. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    First OTC Retinoid for Acne Approved
    FDA approves Differin Gel 0.1% for over-the-counter use to treat acne

    The FDA has approved adapalene gel 0.1% (Differin) for over-the-counter treatment of acne. The once-daily topical is indicated for patients 12 years and older and is the first retinoid approved for OTC marketing.

    Approval was based in part on studies that showed consumers understood the product label and could use it as directed, and on a maximal-use study that showed adapalene's absorption is limited when applied over large areas of skin.

    The gel can cause skin irritation during the first few weeks of use. It shouldn't be applied to sunburned or otherwise damaged skin. Additionally, the FDA cautions that pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult a healthcare provider before starting treatment. There isn't evidence that the gel causes birth defects when used as directed, the agency notes, but it hasn't been studied adequately in pregnant women.

    Adapalene gel 0.1% has been available as a prescription treatment since 1996.
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    Have personally used Differing when it was prescription only and it works wonders. Ketoconazole is s prescription cream that also works great.

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    pantothenic acid, you know one of those B vitamins, take lots, I mean lots, tan, cant beat the real sun, Florida is nice, and one of the clarithromycin's. doxycycline, somethin for the skin. those chest pics scared the hell out me, but that cystic backne is no joke. scar the crap out of you, popping some of them your girlfriend might need one of those face shields, lol. and god forbid you get staph down in one of them. I pawned one off as a spider bite, but was MRSA, you should have seen the nurses in the yellow haz mat suits. but the hospital was where I picked it up. lance this, pack this, come back everyday for two weeks. THIS SHIT HAS MY RESPECT and IMO is andro related allday long. There is no free lunch, and for every compound that improves performance, seems like there is just as wicked as a side effect to bite you in the ass. Plan it out, stay on top, and have you ever heard "diet is Key"? so are the right meds for the sides. Takes as little hormone, of whats workin for you and train, eat, shower and tan :)
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    Agree bro but tanning is rough on me. With Canadian ancestry I burn like heck. Actually makes me break out more.
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    I use ACNE.ORG regiment and it beats all! When I first started on clomid, I began having cystic acne that I've never had before on my legs, back, and body. I hated that and almost stopped Clomid. Then I went on arimidex 0.25-0.50mg ED and all my cystic acne cleared up in a few days.
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    Had terrible acne that started last year during the winter. Positive it was due to estrogen issues per lab work I was getting. But once it had a toe-hold, even correcting the imbalance didn't clear it up. Neither did doxy. 45 days of Accutane at 40mg knocked it put completely. Went about 7-8 months without a single pimple. Noticed my skin starting to get oily again and getting a few face and back pimples.

    Started Accutane at kind of a maintenance dose. 20mg ED for one week. Then 20mg EOD for two weeks. Back to normal. I do get my liver enzymes checked often, and did not have any liver issues on Accutane. Also did not use any oral during that time obviously.

    Edit: Also used Retin-A micro on stubborn spots and as a booster during my first two weeks of treatment last winter. It is absolutely true that many times the acne gets worse before it gets better. But then magically one day you will start clearing up and it all goes away quickly.
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  16. bms1997

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    I used to have bad back acne and don't want to get it again. What should I use to bulk while preventing acne?
  17. Casca

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    First welcome to meso, second b possibly prepared to experience acne all over again.

    Ur sebaceous gland will most likely take a beating secreting more sebum, clogging ur shit up real good.
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    Sorry brother but you'll most likely end up with acne again. If you want to avoid the acne you need to avoid messing with your hormones
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    I was taking a Pro Hormone at the time, so I'm sure that it was contributing to my back acne. I was just wondering if there is anything I can take along with a cycle to prevent acne. The Pro Hormone was made by Pharma War. It was called War hammer Anabolic stack 2
  20. Dimentio

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    There's a pile options for sure (orals, topicals, vitamins, prescription drugs, non-prescription, etc):
    • Benzoyl peroxide, such as Brevoxyl or Triaz.
    • Salicylic acid, such as Propa pH or Stridex.
    • Topical and oral antibiotics, such as clindamycin, doxycycline, erythromycin, and tetracycline.
    • Topical retinoid medicines, such as tretinoin (Retin-A), adapalene (Differin), and tazarotene (Tazorac).
    • Azelaic acid, such as Azelex, a topical cream.
    • Isotretinoin, an oral retinoid.
    • Low-dose birth control pills that contain estrogen (such as Estrostep, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, or Yaz), which work well on moderate acne in women and for premenstrual flare-ups.
    • Androgen blockers, such as spironolactone. Androgen blockers can be useful in treating acne. These medicines decrease the amount of sebum (oil) made in your pores.
    (Source: Acne-Medications)

    The list goes on and on man. I'm trying some head and shoulders shampoo right now on my back because some people give it great reviews for fighting bacne.
    Just pick something that you might want to try and give it a whirl.
    Like I said earlier though, once you start messing with your hormones there are no guarantees for clear skin.
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