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    My acne was getting really bad, for me anyways. I had a bunch on my chest and back all of which were cystic and actually very painful. I decided to start accutain, today is day 5 of 20mg ED. My skin is clearing up very quickly, I would say that by the second or third day all the cystic acne on my chest was calmed down, no longer hurt, and was healing. Today, day 5, only a few of the more stubborn ones are still there.

    Side effects: Headache for a couple hours after taking it, goes away after a while, or if I take a Tylenol.

    Now I gotta figure if I want to run a full cycle of this, or step off after I heal and see if it comes back.

    To the user who asked about labs, yeah I ran labs. I cant find my labs while I was blasting, my previous values when I first was trying to get dosage right was 1,500 T, 77 Estridol. Since then I dropped it by 50mgs, and switched from once, to twice a week split in half. Im thinking I am sitting around 1,000 test, not sure Estridol, but should be lower. Im due for another lab though soon.
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  2. I also started my accutane. I got it from naps and its called tretizen 20 from zenlabs. When I bought it though the picture showed the roche, but got this instead. I've read some people saying its gtg. Have your guys ever seen it?
    I'm on day 3 taking 20mg eod. So far nothing crazy happening.
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    Same shit I am using man.
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    Take it every day, 20mgs is a light dose.

    When I was a teenager the dr had me on 80mgs at the last month.

    I remember not getting side effects untill I was at 60mgs a day.
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    I'm using Mission Labs.

    It's definitely accutane because the acne is basically gone now and I'm still blasting tren. But as I type this i still have zero sides. My lips are even fine now that the weather has cooled off here in Canada.

    I've tried everything before the accutane as well and the acne is so stubborn.

    I think you guys are right though, this dosage is suspect.

    Where do you guys suggest getting pharm grade accutane in Canada without a derm ?
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    So the acne is basically gone after using for how long? At what dose?
    Your family doctor can prescribe accutane if you need it
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    Thats crazy even on 25mg EOD my skin is dry as fk and my lips looking like a cat scratched me multiple times and constanstly using chapstick too.
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  8. Yea reporting back.
    I've been on this for I believe 13 days.... my shoulders and back are much better. I still have a few that I need to get rid of cause they are old, but new cysts aren't coming up.
    I'm taking 20mg eod just cause I can't split the gel pill.

    Lips get just a tad bit dry sometimes thought the day, but the humidity here is high so I think that helps. Its like 2 small pieces of skin will come off my lips. Nothing bad so far.

    I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. How long till you guys start noticing results or side effects?
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    I got dry lips within first week. If I don't put any chapstick on it gets fked up lol. I notice results within 2 weeks, but my acne are very mild.

    Right now the only acne left are old ones, but supposedly the accutane will push those out in due time.
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    My acne is gone. I think my increasing/decreasing doses was impatience. I would suggest guys to let it build up for 4-6 week to start noticing. 8 weeks im clear. I was in a real low spot pyscologically because of how bad it was. Nothing works but accutane fellas
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    I am 4 weeks in, this morning I woke up and I see alot of old blackheads pushed out. its crazy I can just scrape it off with like a towel and its gone.
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    Are you supposed to continue using once everything is cleared up??
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    My eyes got so dry on Accutane it was miserable
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    I'm self administering so take it with a grain on salt. But now that the acne is gone and I'm still on cycle, I've simply lowered the dose to 20-40 per day. Still zero sides
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    40 is overkill if ur cleared up.
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    Ive been off the boards for close to a year, just started to cycle again.My cystic acne is gone i still have scaring that only accutane can cure. My question is this should i start an antibiotic such as doxycycline right now or wait closer to thr end of cylce? Is there any point of trying to create a preemptive strike against the acne with antibiotics, what has been your experiences?
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    I've tried using nizoral shampoo on pimples before and they would go away pretty fast
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    Listen everyone. I have tried everything. I have sever acne. Accutane is the only solution. 6 month max. Antibiotics after that. All this other shit will help but not a final solution.
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  20. update:
    Been on 20 eod for 4 weeks now. Only symptoms is dry lips.
    My back is definitely clearing up, and so are my shoulders. Face is getting good. Only now randomly getting a couple of zits on my forehead. Is this normal 4 weeks in? And the zits are really hard to pop. Like they have a head, just don't come out like they used to. Could be cause I'm less oily now.

    Some days its different though which is weird. Like sometimes less oily than other days.
    Most of my acne is like my old stuff just sticking around. When should it clear up the old stuff? When do the red marks start going away?

    Also where could I buy reliable accutane in America? I don't want to wait more than a month for another order.