Anavar Clen first cycle

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    Im currently running my first cycle of Anavar 50mg ed for 6 weeks in total. Stacked with 80mg clen ed and lately i changed it with GW cardarine.

    I was not in complete out of shape, i worked out for the last past 3 -4 years (crossfit, gym, running half marathon) but with high BF 28% (btw im 32years old). This is something i felt on my knees.
    Dropped BF to 20% in 6 weeks. Anavar, clen helped me a lot, but mostly cardio (HIIT) and dieting made the difference.

    For some reasons i got sick the first week i started the cycle, but tried to keep working out, and recovered after some days. I started to feel the anavar kicking the 4th week. I loved it. I did not gain a lot of strength (maybe cause of the caloricdeficit ) but the recovery was amazing. Tried to hit every musclegroup twice a week and a hell lot of cardio every day!

    Clen is something i didn't like but helped me a lot with cardio workout. the last week i changed it with GW cardarine i ordered. The taste is like swallowing the most toxic kitchen cleaning supply. 20mg a day every morning. I still don't feel any increase in endurance or fatloss. I hate to say it, but i prefer that shit-clen. I will still continue it for 15 days.

    I will keep dieting and working out to drop my bodyfat. Maybe some ideas for the next cycle? im thinking of a 6 week test prop 100mg EOD, proviron, pct nolva, clomid and arimidex on hand.
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    Your cycle and stats only make since if you are female.

    If you are a dude you need to do more research on how to correctly do steroids
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    Yeah, I was gonna say that sounds pretty good if OP is a female... Although even for clen, starting out at 80 mcg is high
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    Good luck with your cycle miss :)
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