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    This isn't the original Alin. That guy had government ties in Romania to protect himself and was around in 1999. This is and impostor.
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    LOL you are the impostor
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    I have had nothing but good luck with Ashop.Great prices with promo on Balkan and outstanding customer service.11 orders in the last year and zero problems
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    I’m interested in your Balkan products, but I’m wondering how we can authenticate your Balkan products when you are splitting the amps and blisters up into multiple items? Seems like it would be easy for individual blisters and amps to be counterfeit....
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    I ordered from the real Alin in 1999 - 2003 you dipshit mother fucker. This ass clown claims he got started in 2002. He's always been a selective scammer.
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    Each amp and blister has a code on it you can check at the Balkan Pharma website.
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    I thought those codes were also tied to the QR on the box?
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    Where are you at you bitch ass shill?
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    Pfdept59 is right, every blister and amp and vial has a code that can be checked on the manufacturer's website.

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    They are the exact same batch number and the exact same expiration date.

    You are saying since they were possibly produced on a different day they vary 44 mg per ampule?

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    No idea bro, OMG fucking sherlock homes bro LOL, now i have more doubts than you, how ever i still trust jano for this stuff :(
    Yeah just checked and it is in fact the same batch number, any ways 210 mg is pretty good IMO
    I also have to say that cipandrol with the same batch number tested at 213 mg with jano and 208 at anabolic lab so pretty accurate IMO.
    Balkan Pharmaceuticals Cipandrol Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab
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    Kinda weird every Balkan product tests accurate except for enandrol the only doubt is from Symec it self, lol
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    I had no idea ashop had such a bad rep. I've had no issues with them other than their orders taking a while to get to me. Customer service took awhile to respond sometime but nothing too terrible. Can't believe they've been selective scammers this whole time. So why didn't yall scam me?
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    Where's that coming from? I've mostly heard good things about Ashop.
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    At some part of the thread there are people just making bogus claims based only on anacdotal info, yes no one has been scammed simply people saying they are scammers because of some look a like web site years ago maybe in the past decade, personally the only issue i found was delivery times inconsistency some times 1 week but the last one 2 months and that is almost unacceptable for eu based source to ship within the eu, ashop claims that is fixxed, the delivery times i mean, i’m still to find out since i stock up test for a good while, i have tested several products from them and everything has come back spot on never underdosed or bunk, is my go to source for Balkan, they are not much active here as they are on eroids and i really don’t like the bias policy on that board, you get penalized just by asking something to the sources, such as where is my package ??? And that type of things