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    Used them a year ago, didn't bought much: SP test e and 2 amps test suspension.

    Shipping was indeed very slow and I was pretty scared that it would get caught, specially when I saw which country it came from.

    It did arrived safe. SP test was good, haven't had the guts to pin the suspension tho, I can see the little cristals so I imagine this is going to hurt.
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    I have PM you. Please check your inbox. Thank you

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    Ashop is extremely reliable. Grest orals the Provimed, Anavar, Dbol, Winny. I can say from personal experience that these are top notch orals consistently high grade compounds
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    I know that there back in the day ALIN was known to pick and choose who he ripped off. I do t know if maybe he has matured and maybe now his pockets are fat he doesn’t need to do so , but especially on promuscle there are several thread of guys sending cash and never getting even a seizure letter with tracking that states the pack never left town, it’s not that the carrier didn’t update tracking it because the idiot gave the wrong tracking. Whatever I personally don’t give a fuck who orders from who. I should add that back before he changed the business name from ALIN to ALINSHOP to I guess it’s ASHOP now, I ordered a couple liters of gamma butyrolactone from him 24 years ago and it came. Fucking expensive shit but came in glass flasks from MERK, anyhow it took Close to 2months but it came. I had actually forgotten about the order. Laughed when It showed up
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    I will keep you posted I’m trying hard to find a legit source on here having a hard time sifting through all the threads! I’d really like to find a domestic source I’m just gonna keep looking
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    I agree, I've always used domestic sources in the past but I've been off gear for about 6 years and just now getting back into it so shopping around for now.
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    Your answer lies within.
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    Lol tbh that’s fucking bullshit, that they expect people to pay for a name and wait that long. each one of those labs are a UGL, yes they have a proven track record but there are domestics that take no more than 5 days that are less expensive, and have been and tried and true. Test cyp that is tested and comes back 250mg from sp is no better than test cyp that is tested and comes back with the same results. You pay more for a name that is often faked, regardless if ASHOP provides legit so or Balkan I would never spend the money on their shit because your paying for their name I would rather spend the mo eye and go pharma except I not a label whore. Good gear is all around you just need to ask around or fine someone that’s trustworthy to lead you in the right direction. Anyhow I have spoken my mind.
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    You must have fast mailmen. I ordered from SP and still waiting today is at 7 days. Hopefully gets here before Monday next week, getting some orals for a kick starter would be nice!!