Ass to grass vs. Parallel squats

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by tubesox, Feb 27, 2015.

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    I love squats also, and like many of you fellas I had to learn to change my workout to achieve SIMILAR benefits (there is no ONE compound exercise that is as effective as SQUATS).

    I still do squats BUT "ass to the grass" ONLY with very light weight, and as the weight increases the squat depth decreases.

    So either I perform modified squats, as described above or I limp around the ED for days!
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    Did some ssb squats today for the second time. Really like the movement pattern on these versus conventional
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    The SSB will try to make you cave your chest and back. Fight it. That's why it's such a good supplemental lift.
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  4. I had back pain/sciatica. Hated Deadlifts and squats. They would mess me up. Went for years avoiding the issue. Then it got so bad I had to do something. Spent the last 2 years with 3 different physical therapists, Thai body works therapist and an a.r.t. therapist. Turns out my muscles knotted up in my lower back and spine so much that one leg was longer than the other. One hip higher than the other. Even walked crooked.

    I'm back to oly lifting. My flexability is back and the pain is almost gone. Xrays show arthritis in spine and ankle. But I'm so so far away from the everyday pain I was in. So my vote is ass to the grass!!!
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    Your "vote" will more likely than not, accelerate your arthritis and result in an earlier disability.

    I'd first suggest you determine which areas of the spine already have arthritic changes such as the: Facets, Lamina, Pedicle, Foramina or specific segments of the Vertebral body .

    Perhaps I should also mention the NUMBER ONE disability for BB and weight lifters is lower back pain, IME.

    In fact some are in such denial that they continue to lift in spite of it all and a few become addicted to narcs as a result!
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    Love kelly starett, but I hate crossfit. His band flossing technique is the best thing I have ever done. Even better then foam rolling.
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  7. Facets lower lumbar. That's what the test results say.
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    What tests were done? CT, plain films or MRI
  9. The most recent says xray, spine l/s minimum 4 views
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    ATG is a good thing but going real heavy does tax you hard. As you get older the less flexible you'd be and going parallel at my age (51) is satisfying enough even for me.
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    That's looks like a PLAIN FILM order rather than results. I'm reading it as Lumbar spine with a minimum of four views. The latter typically includes anterior, posterior and Lt/Rt oblique views.
  12. My insurance ain't the greatest. When the physical therapy ended and the therapist requested more they said no.
    One of my wealthy customers kinda "sponsored" me in my quest to get straightened out.
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    Yes that's about right as I had similar films done on my head after getting a head injury years ago.
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    Nice that worked out for you brother. After I myself was seriously injured years ago I was still getting my regular paychecks despite being out of work for nearly 3 months and no claim filed so that was a help.
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  15. You work for good people then! Friend of mine herniated a disc at work. He had to fight to get treatment, lost his job and now is fighting to get $$ that he never received yet was in the contract. Talk about getting bent over.
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    Can't recall the last time I ordered skull films MW, (except in kids). Primarily bc they don't reveal that which is most important, THE BRAIN.
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    Yep I worked for IBM then and as I was a popular person on the server team and my boss was sympathetic enough to put in timesheets for me to keep the paychecks coming while I was out.

    Sorry to hear about your buddy..he really got bent over and reamed. Has he gotten an attorney to fight that?

    The films were to indicate if I had any skull fractures and luckily had just a hairline fracture which was not at risk of causing further issue down the road. Had other scans done to check the health of my brain in that case. Just a major concussion found.
  18. Yes. He got them to pay medical bills. Now working on $$
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    Good hope he wins and wins big
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    I am using it for all squats in the program. Bad? Pob said you can use ssb exclusively until a few weeks out from a meet I thought