B.M. PHARMACEUTICALS Trenbolin - 100 (Tren. Acetate 100mg HPLC by Janoshik

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  1. Thanks for the testing, but anyone that goes with this source after what they admitted to, is bargaining for trouble.

    Euroroid.is Steroid source
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    yes, I know his bad story with the investigation. now it seems that they are selling with another site (Steroaas.is) but I can not find reviews on them, unfortunately
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    @MisterSuperGod why don t you shut your mouth? Nobody needs to know this. So what, if customers are that stupid and don t want they money back they should shut up also. I have cashed 5 grant you sucker, that much you will not see in your whole life. And nobody will know that i am steroaas.is you stupid...
    I am a big source you don t know shit i have whole europe under control you pussy. Now shut up the fuck i need to work. And People now call me Balot, so for you its Mr. Balot master of STEROAAS.is best source worldwide all products is tested no cheap shit. Pay 3 get 2 now for christmas
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    And only for you to know janosh is my brother you assholl
  5. i see EuroTrash.is got hacked again. Okay, tough guy. Hack me if you're so good. i'll be waiting patiently...
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    Let's see if you keep that cocky attitude in court.
    Like the 'I supply the whole Central coast' girl, who then cries for a plea bargain.
    Topless model was the mastermind behind an Asian drug empire in Australia

    So @janoshik fakes results for you (probably for free) because he's actually your brother?
    Is that what you're saying?
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  7. Reread their last post. This isn't EuroRoid. He actually has some understanding of the English language. This hack can barely type a legible sentence.

    Any all readers should stay from away. He's already been compromised, and judging by this stupidity, it ain't over yet.
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