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  1. You're posting that your own line is underdosed?
    Man, you don't fuck around. i like that.
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    At least his Test E seems GTG.
    But yh I like how this guy rolls too.
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  3. dybes

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    just read in another forum that got hacked and customer informations got leaked. This was alrdy confirmed by euroroids (atleast that they got hacked). Also there are members writing that those informations are alrdy on sale.
    So dont buy at the moment. Just wanted to inform the mesocommunity.
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  4. Which forum? Could you post a (coded) link?
  5. dybes

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  7. Den84

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    Thanks for these information bro. Unfortunately websites can be hacked... I think that the best choice is to order by instant chats encrypted as telegram, wickr... when I will order from this source I will ask for the nick name of some instant secure chat
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    Hello yes we can confirm the hack. Our complete client base was leaked
    with all orders since about November 2017.

    We announce that we stoped our buissines, and there will be no revival
    anymore. Since also all IP logs from the server log was copied with all connections ever done to the server, the risk is too big.

    All customer please prepare yourself for eventual police raids,
    we are sorry for the happened situation but who goes high is falling deep.

    No open orders will be shipped anymore, since our Bank account is allready freezed by the police and i cannot be sure if i am under surveilance myself allready.

    Thank all customers for the good money we made, but this is the end.
  9. Den84

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    bad story friend .. a story similar to a Portuguese site had happened few years ago, and all buyers in my country, had visits from the police. but this site is still active, because the survey had not started from the country of origin of this web site. In any case I wish you all the best and I take this opportunity to thank you for the great help you have given to the forum, with lab tests.
  10. You kept customer records for a year?

    i'm sure those members that took a chance with you are gonna be really appreciative of that.

    i guess now that you're out of the internet drug dealing game you can go back to your day job as a rocket scientist.

    Good fucking riddance.
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    Did my first and only order with euroroid like a month ago, mofo even mixed up a tren En for a Tren Ace and gave me a 30% coupon to compensate me and now this. ahah

    Talk me about bad luck.
  12. Fiend77

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    Just received the following email from "euroiroid at"


    I just wanted to tell him that we are back online and another address.

    you will find us on now

    Thank you"

    Anyone knows anything about this?
  13. ickyrica

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    I can tell you who didn't send that. Stay the fuck away bud.
  14. Den84

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    if it is true, surely he will return to write here.
  15. No idea, but after his admission that he kept records and got hacked, i wouldn't take shit from this guy, even if he sold it for a $1 per vial.
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    fuck me and gf's titties... is down with all the past year customers? well IP logs to the site means nothing, it's a fucking public site on the internet nobody can blame me or u for entering a random site, also customers, unless u ordered a lot of steroids that the police may be suspicious u are selling, are all probably fine.
    also don't go to his link, i doubt it's actually him, his account got hacked, that link could be some scammer or the police.
  17. Fiend77

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    Asked him about what was going on here, and he replied:

    "our accounts were hacked, the hacker posted as

    Thank you"

    Just told him to get in here and say whatever he has to say that he's back on track.

    Inb4 I get hacked and/or raided
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  18. Fiend77

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    Yeah, as predicted it's a scam.

    Mofo just ignored my latest emails with this thread link, saying to say whatever he has in his defense and now sent me plus 20+ other people an email with a coupon 30% off.