Barbell rows vs deadlifts

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by 350lift, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. 350lift

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    Overhand more upper back?
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  2. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Yea it is.
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  3. Delt123

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    My experience too, but I'm forcing my hands in a position it doesn't like unfortunatly.

    I mighy try it with an EZ bar, never did that
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  4. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Yes, straight bars will hurt your wrist, but certain machines allow for a good underhand grip and ez curl bars are good.
  5. Glocker

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    Keep in mind bent-over rows with palms up targets the biceps more as well so you might need to take that into consideration to work around arm day.
  6. Btcowboy

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    I tend to agree with block or rack pulls for ya. In another post seen you, @350lift get more lat activation with dumbbells, have you tried meadows rows or 1 arm barbell rows?
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  7. 350lift

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    Love meadows rows, but I like compound lifts which is why I was thinking barbell for upper back and dumbells for lats some upper back and further range of motion
  8. Test_Subject

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    I like Pendlay rows for upper back a lot. Four sets of five is killer. For me, personally, I like the reset between reps because I feel like I get more back involvement and less leg drive.
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  9. jJjburton

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    Those have to hit lower back alot if you dont have a strong core.