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    He just tells it like it is, from his own experience.
  2. Glad you are oiling him up for the show.
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    Yea right there you go.
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    Yup me and mindless go hand in hand:rolleyes:

    This chode really doesnt have a clue

    About much it seems
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    Don't think he does them anymore according to his intro. Feel like he is old, injured and bitter from what i read...
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    No wonder why @GeorgeForemanRules had to take his bitterness out on someone like Trukker who's had great success in this game.
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    It's not even the old or injured part that blows, that's part of life. It's the bitterness...
  9. So sad that people with terrible non scientific advice are allowed to post their poison here. Like most sites, those with the most aggression and the least educated or experienced post the most advice. They do not care to help others, they only care to be popular like children do in Jr High school. pathetic.
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    I think you've been called a vagina...
    Just a guess...

    @GeorgeForemanRules why do you refuse to acknowledge that there are other people in this world that have flat pressed for 20+ years without injury? The main point of the rebuttals that have been thrown your way are based on personal time in the gym without injury thus making your blanket statement not true. I'd bet that there are plenty of folks that flat bench w flared elbows and have never been hurt.
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    Easy fix
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    the guys thumbs are not correct in this video. but good vid.
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    Where is your scientific advice? On the topic. jw...It could educate us, if you have any at hand.
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    He doesnt have any useful advice......he was just saying.....
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    I benched 300 at age 16 and most I ever got natty was 435. I've only ran one 8 week cycle in my life test only got 475 fairly easy.My other notable lifts where 225 50 times,315 23 times and 405 8 times.I'm also on a quest to 510 shouldn't be to much after 2 cycles.
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    Good numbers. Are these on flat or incline.


    The other night I decided to come down on the weight for a bit. I will go back up, so don't fret.

    Incline press 225 for 25 first set. I could have done probably 20 or so more reps, but didn't want to over do it. After the first set, took a 20 second rest, cranked out 25 for second set. All in all probably did about 150 reps. Between each set the rest time was shortened.

    Weighed in at 264 at the time. I sure the added weight is from incorporating legs on leg day. Normally I don't do Thinking about competing for a