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    That was flat bench.I started doing incline before flat bench during my workouts.I know incline is better for building that upper chest.However I like doing flat first so I can go heavy.You got some solid lifts on incline for sure.
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    Reading through all this flare or no flaare im going to disagree that causes issues from experience. Ive benched up to 550 raw using flared elbows. Ive done 50+ reps with 225 with flared elbows and Ive never had an issue in the 20 years of lifting. As for gym time I thoroughly believe any good lifter can get maximal efficiency out of 60-80min tops in the gym if they train hard and stay off the cellphone

    As to Layne Norton he is a smart man. I love his videos. I never seen that PHAT program tho so will check it out. Always interested in new lifting programs
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    I just started phat, and love it. Its a nice change from the traditional bro split I was doing.
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    If you use too much weight you're going to hurt your shoulders flared or not. Just train smart and be patient. Most people who bench 405+ have been lifting quite a while.
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    Your presence here wouldnt be as bad if i didnt see you selling your soul everywhere for another lick of nordics dirty ass hole. I look at your profile page and your pushing shit there too! What the hell are you doing here? You should know by now it is customary at meso to bring the roaches out in to the light. May i have the pleasure?
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    Do it. Time to bring out the roach spray!
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    Sure man. Doesnt bother me lol. Im only running nordic now but I am also using Anavar from Newport which is a very nice addition. Ill be around long enough that youll see im no shill as next cycle Ill be using bits and pieces of other labs. Each one has some things I like better than others. So whatever. Spray away. No roaches here my friend
  8. I hit 225x50 with perfect form, and hit 565 for one in the gym. I did have issues because I used flared elbows. What is worse is my lifts would have been higher if I had been smart and safe and did not use the dangerous flared elbows technique.
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    I will agree its all about proper form. It just differs in variation by the persons body type. Some people can perform lifts on way and others another way with both being proper form
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    Last week

    Somehow was able to do 385 for 8, but I think my spotter was messing with me. Fake weights or magical spot!:D

    Don't think I can get that for 8 Chest & back today, so we'll see if it was a fluke.


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    Rule of thumb when working out. Ignorance is bliss. Just turn that brain off and do it. If you think too much then youve lost the battle. Its amazing what people can do if they just go for it
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    Natty I'm up to 275x4 at 5'6" 185lbs as of this past week. I'll be hitting 315 in not time at my current rate
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    First time I broke 500 I had to tuck my Stiffy before I stood up
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    If i ever hit 500 I'm immediately standing up and showing my stiffy to the masses!!!
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    @mghoward74 where you at? Update??

    I'll update. Lol

    Week 7 of PHAT

    335x5 After Pendlay's 250x5x3, pull ups BW+35x7x2, pull downs #12x10x2.

    1st set 5, 2nd set 5, 3rd set 4.