Benching with an arched back.

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Tiny giant, May 24, 2019.

  1. LeoTC

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    Yep, that's who I was referring to.

    Crazy arch, but still kinda nuts to see.
  2. mp46

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    What? The videos I watched show a flat back doing 405, unless he changed his style lately.
  3. Mdubbs

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    Watch how he sets up at 3:45 mark. Hes definitely arched. Nothing too extreme though once he finally unracks it.
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  4. mp46

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    Yep, that's one of the videos I remember, he's arched setting up but goes flat as far as I can tell as he slides under the bar.

    There's another video where he's knocking out sets of 300+ plus for his work out.
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  5. LeoTC

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    Feck, not who I was thinking it was then.

    I've watched dude arch like the cat in Mac's gif move almost 500Lb. Was insane.
  6. rubisean

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    Chrome mosquitos
  7. Mac11wildcat

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    Purple octopus.

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    My bad, read your post too fast.
    I took white lights as seeing stars when you lift heavy and not three lights for a good lift.

    I always refer to it as seeing chrome mosquitos when someone smacks their head and says they saw stars.
  9. I saw this video last year . Guy can out bench me by almost 100lbs and my triceps are twice his size . Damn Asian muscle insertions....:mad: :(
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  11. Mayne

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    I think it is a bit insulting to his achievement branding him arched, it is just normal scapular retraction. That is an arched bench:
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  12. What. The. Fuck. Every 10 reps counts as 1.
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  13. Mdubbs

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    Agreed... this kid is a beast. I think its impossible to retract your scapula without any arch at all. This is pretty close to how I setup to bench.
  14. Mdubbs

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    Agreed... this kid is a beast. I think its impossible to retract your scapula without any arch at all. This is pretty close to how I setup to bench.
  15. Mayne

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    And you know that is by IPF rules where you are not allowed to bench on your toes which if you were there would probably be no motion
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  16. i've noticed more and more people performing half reps. Not here, these aren't even close to half, but i'm wondering if i'm doing it all wrong?

    i go to just shy of locking the arms out. The bar comes down to touch my chest, then repeat. i only lock out when fatigue really sets in and i'm trying to force that final rep of the set.

    Opinions, please.
  17. Mayne

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    I think half repping on incline if you have really big arms (20+ inch) is okay just because you will have to change your optimal position to be touching your chest (watch Luke Sandoe with Joe Bennett). I am under 20 inch and with an empty barbell I am unable to reach my chest if I don't change position. I think for bodybuilding not locking out as long as you are with nearly straight elbow is okay but not going down to your chest especially on flat bench is not possibly optimal and mind boggling to me, it is the hardest part of the motion with the biggest stretch and force requirement which will in turn build more muscle if performed as intended
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  18. Perrin Aybara

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    I generally lock out at the top and pause at the bottom of every rep if I'm doing sets of 5 or less. Higher reps are touch and go and a little short of full lockout. Just my personal preference and nothing anyone ever told me to do.
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  19. LeoTC

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    Heavier weight I'll try to grab the first three reps. Then I've got to lock out to re-brace.

    Rep doesn't mean shit if you're letting the bar bully you. Keep that shit tight.

    Have been forcing lockout on lighter presses lately though, just to make myself slow down on the negative and really feel it.
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    Not sure but I think that is an illegal wide grip too.