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  1. @Millardbaker please delete this thread and or ban this dude. We aren’t buying his overpriced shit. This thread is dead as fuck and is taking up important space. It’s better off gone. Thanks!
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  2. Bestgear

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    It cant be dead. One week on top already. You can not enter here and it will be OK.
  3. Omegistosalex

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    Fuck off we can enter wherever we want, fuck yiur thread
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    Maybe it's time for @MisterSuperGod to work his magic then :cool:
  5. Inwish we could delete this scammer thread.

    70 amps of test


    This bitch @Bestgear is a fucking loser

    With shit gear at shut prices.

    Fucking shitty little unknown toyota minivan lab testing too.

    Get it tested at W&M or Janoshik or fuck off as well.

    I dint trust your dirty stolen intellectual property scamming liar testing anyways.

    Looks like a bunch of shitty Chinese writing that you photoshopped.

    Then he pretends he didnt promise to give a credit?

    You got called out bitch... you're a tier 2 supplier
    A tier 1 supplier is beating you, hands down.

    Pulling some bullshit about how the picture isnt new enough...

    Fuck off, I'm going to email your supplier and tell them how you are ruining their brand name in the west.

    Fuck off
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  6. Bestgear

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    No, looks like my thread make him very big damage if he asking to ban me.
    So he can not enter here, it will fix his problem.
    You of course always welcome. A man with maximum shitty words in my address, i love it you know.
  7. Bestgear

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    Read this thread and may be you will find some useful info about incoming new lab tests.
  8. This thread is a trainwreck on fire already, i just come here for the laughs now.
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    You are hurt ? You can not read and count, parabolan 27euro = 25 Dollard yes these exact because 27 euro-25% = 20euro = 25dollard amigo
    The prices are expensive but all year the promo code-25% or 35% -35% bop ... And 2x per year promo-50% to-60% that these steroidsfax + 10yrs and sends to Belgium 19euro 95% sure. .. Bestgear no promo code, min order 1000euro, send to Belgium 50% sure 25euro ,,,, next post these for another real and good supplier, I love your page, you are promoting other site hahaha
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    So is @Bestgear g2g yet or should I keep waiting
  11. This kid has spunk. He's gonna turn it all around. Give him a few more days, then order up with confidence.
  12. Mighty-mouse

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    Man I was about to send my email to order 30bottles of test watchamacallit but thanks homie I will wait
  13. Bestgear

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    You are funny as always. Comparing sources and say “yes it is expensive here”, ahahahhahh. But you need to wait 6 month till promo, what can be 2 times in year. Its eeally something wrong with. If we talk about guy who can come and make order NOW, not at few years(not all like you waiting ine year to buy gear.99% make orders when they need it), you already say my prices are cheaper. Cant understand what you try to say more, its really biggest fail.
    Bestgear have promocodes, discounts and best prices(as you confirmed).
    Do not lie about 1000€ min order, or i must do screenshots?but sure you do not care about your reputation or something like that, your wird is nothing...
  14. M. Tugboat

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    Damn, I didn't get the reference until the .44 line
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    Hey dipshit, you are on top because you keep bumping your own thread
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    @ Bestgear,
    Yes you can put the conversation, but all so ... Because you told me that for Belgium these difficult then only ZPHC min 5000euro, but 1000euro you will tell your man to accept. But he will not want to .... No? These not yours? Do not trust this source because it keeps the data and can not transmit it to the police or in public !! These not yours? Soon new source on your page? Excuse me I work honestly, tonight the friend ....
  17. Iron Vett

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    Ok do nod according to dipshit’s conversation with @Toni72, he’s not only a dick with overpriced shit. He’s a liar too. Bestgear day your goodbyes and head over to the new bop. They’ll love you over there.
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  18. Toni72

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    Balkan PHARMA
    10x1ml ( older type of boxes )

    Sustamed 25O / 45,- USD
    Testosterona E 250 / 45,- USD
    Testosterona P 100mg / 35,- USD

    clenbuterol blister 20x0,04 / 7,-USD
    Strombafort ( stanozolol ) 20x10mg blister / 6,- USD
    Sending: 14dollar
    -5% btc and - 5% older client
    Small game ? What is this source ???
    Order of 250dollars, tren or boldo offered ...
  19. Bestgear

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    You really have some problems looks like. Its you ask me prices of bulk stock INSIDE EU. Its you asking to send you from that stock. In my first message i told you "to your country bad passing rate and i do not recommend you make order from us, sorry that i cant help you in your question" thats all. Yes i told that we have also bulk stock INSIDE EU, but not offer you to buy it. Then after your asking send me send me, i told you okay, i will send one time from BULK STOCK INSIDE EU with RETAIL INTERNATIONAL PRICES and IF!!! you will want next time order from THAT BULK STOCK INSIDE EU, you will need to buy minimum on 1000 euro, of course WITH NOT RETAIL PRICES, you will have BULK PRICE. You lie here many times that i told you to place first order with min amount 1000 euro.
    After that you run away, when hear that you need to pay money for order. You can test it even on 30 dollars, i dont tell you something about MIN AMOUNT on first RETAIL order.
    I write it already before but you play a game, so need to repeat it last time.
  20. Toni72

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    You say I'm lying! I authorize you to put the whole conversation ... I am + - 50 years old, I am honest, several source sends me products before I pay, because they know that I am honest. I thank them: ps, meditrope , genotec labs .. You said that your stock was in zone had? No ? These normal that I ask you for a command of eu> eu ,, but direct you have to propose a command of min 1k !!! Moin these not possible, !!! After negotiation you said OK for a small order but require for the second order 1k !!! Sir I do not see you wrong, you are my brother, you must be able to listen to critics, people with small car, if you are rich these thanks to the poor, ... Improve your sends, improve your prices, improve your language, improve yourself!