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  1. Bluebeard

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    Online labels dot com
    Standard address labels waterproof gloss
    Inkjet printer works a charm
  2. Bluebeard

    Bluebeard Junior Member

    Online labels dot com
    Standard address labels waterproof gloss
    Inkjet printer works a charm
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  3. balco

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    Poor opec, its not safe to order AAS labels domestically with a CC.
  4. SirPuFFaLoT

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    I think he is suggesting to purchase the blank labels then print them yourself, hence "Inkjet printer works a charm"
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  5. balco

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    Oh, I see. I thought it was a company that would pre printed labels.
  6. Cakedup

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    My buddy is what I call a tech guy and he made these for some guy he knows.... Screenshot_20191007-033100.jpg
  7. mp46

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    Expired in 2017, huh?

  8. FLTestlab

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    In the past I got clients there boxes and vial lables from Alibaba. Just make a search "Steroid vial lables" you find many trust worthy there. They have predesign lables or you can custom design and send it in. If you do custom please make sure they are designes in 300dpi for printing company. You canlso get hologram stickers from them for anti-counterfeit.

    If you need more info or help for send me a pm.
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  9. FLTestlab

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    I created these for a client many years ago. I dont think they are around any longer. As you can see they are quality. I paid $95 for 500 lables and it cam with box security stickers. These are just mockups. The real thing the company has these where for my portfolio. Those that you see are boxes for vial and bottle lables for orals. I have many like vial lables and box security stickers.
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  10. balco

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    Did you out source the printing to a foreign company?
  11. JP1979

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    Did you not read the post that said he had them printed from Alibaba?
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  12. balco

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    Obviously not
  13. FLTestlab

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    Yes I did. Everything was feom alibaba. All items came shipped within a week via ups/fedex. Production time usually takes 1 week after you provide artwork.
  14. balco

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    Can you PM me the company you used? Did you design everything yourself or did the company assist with the graphic design?
  15. FLTestlab

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    Sure I can pm you in my morning. Ill have to go through my main server for my contacts. Yes the artwork i did myself. I've veen doing this asmy regular job for 18 years now. Well in the product design field.

    But they already have pre designs you can choose from but it will nit be really unique like your brand. But its a good start.
  16. iamnightowl

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    This is my kind of jam.

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    Bump for labels