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    An intresting conversation

    Also on this topic couple days ago i was talking with my bestfriend's father who is pharmacist many years, we talked about HGH and he told me that they don't even sell HGH in pharmacies and you can only get real HGH in the hospital all others are fake bunk etc
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    Seen it. There are some things on there that I definitely don't agree with.
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    A lot of missinformation and didn't watch the whole thing.

    Genheal is not the only GH you can get from hospitals... There are at least three others that I know of. Genci, Hygene named locally as Hygeyuan and Anosome.

    I will have to confirm if you can buy in pharmacies because this might have changed.

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    Im talking about pharmacies in Greece
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    I misunderstood then. I thought they were talking about Chinese hospitals and pharmacies. I guess I missed that. Sorry.

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    They were in the video, what he wrote in original post was about pharmacy's in greece
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    Damn I guess I missed that post and everything. I've lost it officially.

    Even the title states Chinese HGH. :)

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    Did anyone catch exactly what company/business the Indian fella owns? He referred to it but I didn't catch what it was exactly.
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    I should probably watch the whole thing but I can't bring myself to do so.

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    Whether it’s Pharma or GGH the lack of quality control in China should compel anyone to question
    if ANY of their products meet US standards.

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    Haiziyuan by Hygene Biotech - close enough!
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  13. I always wondered if they sold brain extract HGH from china. Pretty grim to think but anything is possible. I just don't know which form is cheaper to make. I'm sure they can get brains over there for research purposes and with the demand of HGH I don't think it's that far fetched an idea. People do whacky things for money. I also read somewhere about many peptides being mostly mannitol, but I'm pretty sure results determine your product.
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    Assuming the vid is an ad-hoc PED discussion awareness of what others are spewing, may better prepare experienced vets like yourself for the onslaught to come.

    However since a large portion of these vids are sponsored either directly or indirectly they tend to reek with bias, regardless of the “evidence” being cited.

    And knowing overt bias of this nature limits veteran viewership consideeably, folk really need to understand NOVICES remain the target audience.

    Carry on @mands

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  16. How about chinese peptides?
    Any opinions on them?
    I have a pretty good feeling most suppliers with research grade peptides are just reselling chinese peptides bought in bulk with a new label slapped on. But that's just an assumption....
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    Absolutely they are!

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    Since labels and vials are pennies
    on the dollar there’s a lot of money to be made selling placebos
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    Ok I listened to the entire vid
    and this guy makes some valid points, and that’s why analytical testing is the only way to KNOW if what you are buying is HGH in a specific concentration.

    But bc of the cost involved, short of a Pharma lab there’s really no way to know what else is in Chinese GH!

    The problem most running HGH,
    generic in particular, are looking for the cheapest product, and are unwilling to test anything, so they get what they pay for !
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  20. What kind of other things do you suspect might be in other than what is said if it were to be in there?

    Also, wouldn't GH secretagogues be more easily obtained as a legitimate producy before HGH? HGH to my understanding is the one that is said to be the most expensive to make and purchase. I could see HGH being replaced with secretagogue but sold as HGH. As someone else mentioned the marketis targeted for novice users without solid connections/sources so if you never used it how would you know the difference anyway? I also understand human grade test is very expensive to buy but to make it costs very little and said to be sold much cheaper as a raw product but one would need the know how and ability to make their own. Which sounds horrifyingly risky to most. I remember the first time I read about fina conversions and how at one time the only way to obtain tren was by that method. I'm sure there were more than a few bodies on stage that held muscle built on fina.

    Can't understand why we can't have legal peptides at least, women get poison to inject in their faces. Aren't peptides just certain types of amino acids chemically structured in specific ways?

    Also, nowadays, when I browse I often find websites said to be legit sources of gear but some also have peptides. I've read a lot of trash talk about peptide companies online selling only peptides but have yet to read any about the gear sources with them. I've been curious about the use of peptidesand their safety as I cannot run gear now and really don't want to. My body deserves a break, but the idea of peptides seemed safer than sarms as peps have been used and known about much longer than sarms.