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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by pumpingiron22, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    Anybody have to pay a small fee to add funds? Just fyi.. My first attempt to add failed but 1 business day later I received an email saying my account was ready. I tried to add via the same method again and it was a success.
  2. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    I'm gonna have to try again
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  3. devildog93

    devildog93 Member

    How long does it usually take for a transaction from circle to electrum?
  4. TheZMan

    TheZMan Member Supporter

    1 hour
  5. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    Well just tried adding today and it was a instant success!
    Guess I threw a bitch fit for nothing,now I just have to figure out how to shuffle it to another wallet this may send me over the edge again but with my fucked last few WU and MG transaction's it's time to learn
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  6. Spooby

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    You gotta be sly to use MG bro haha I chose my words carefully when I was on the phone with them. If you ever use MG to purchase something, make sure you make the amount you're sending an even dollar amount. No cents. Add some cents to make it even. It'll drop the likelihood of raising a flag with them
  7. TheZMan

    TheZMan Member Supporter

    Stop being a fag. Bahahaha just kidding. You're so close to having it down then you'll wonder why you ever left your house to pay
  8. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    Thank's Dick! Lol
    I just sent ya a PM.Thank's for helping me out bro I appreciate it.
  9. rem03

    rem03 Member

    can anyone give me some info on how long it takes for your limit to increase from 300 per week. Under settings it says an option to increase limits but they ask for info like SS which i don't know if I'm comfortable giving out. Anyone do this with any success?
  10. MCFC

    MCFC Member

    @KillaBig How many times did you try adding funds before they allowed you and how long did it take? Seems strange they would deny a transaction only to allow it the next time you try.
  11. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    My first attempt failed and my second was a success.Maybe since I tried right after setting up my account Idk,But the second time It was instant
  12. MCFC

    MCFC Member

    Did you not have to verify your checking/debit account?
  13. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    I verified everything and added with my debit both time's but for whatever reason the first time it failed and I waited a week or so and just tried again not really thinking it was gonna work and it worked instantly.
  14. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    So is there some trick to circle then? Sounds like some have had issues and some havent? My banks a local-ish smaller bank. I was going to use circle and send it to a greenbits wallet. Bueno?
  15. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    Yeah, circle has been holding my money...... The transfer from card to account was instant..... But every time I try to transfer to a wallet.... Just says sorry circle is unable to process your request right now.......fark!
  16. ss11

    ss11 Junior Member

    anyone had any problems recently?? about it sign up and buy some :confused:
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  17. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    Took it a little while for it to approve me, even after using debit card .... But now all is good