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    Yes systemd is a pita but so far it works on my rig
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    lol just picking im glad to see people use it. I had redhat long time ago. now windows :( since i do alot business stuff. but have my other partian os tails.kaili, thinking about that open suse looks pretty nice config or fedora. there are so many now lol

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    I have to say @MindlessWork. you really a smart guy/ you really know your stuff. Im just a self taught user. Im always trying to learn as much as I can. I know and teach my self to learn tools but dont always understand whats in the box just how to use it lol. But I know you truly understand the makings of that.Just thought i would let you know how kool you are from one geek to another.
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    Ive made mistake of using my work pc to search and view UGLs (only the ones that were not detected as "abused drugs". Am I SOL? I need admin password to any "editing" of hard drive. I can delete browser history,cookies,passwords...etc.
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