Coinbase requiring me to upload my ID?

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  1. I did coinbase a few days ago. Not as simple as circle but its not to bad and yes it was instant. The difference was you have to purchase bitcoin then transfer from your wallet to other persons wallet. Circle did all that in one move which was nice.
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  2. MythotiK

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    You don't have to purchase, you can send bitcoins to your Coinbase address...
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    Exactly. Its just like circle, even looks similar.
  4. Guess I did it wrong. Ding ding ding I think the light went off just now. I was playing with the app a bit after I sent funds. It makes sense of how I can just send directly now. I just seen the buy icon on the main menu and went from there. Sometimes I'm slow lol
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    I use an online bank and only fund it for purchases, fund Coinbase from that account , then to Blockchain, then to merchant..
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    Screenshot_2016-12-18-11-40-05-1.png Screenshot_2016-12-18-11-40-13-1.png ... not sure if these screenshots of limit increases, help anyone's questions. I did hours upon hours of research last night. Tried about ten different bitcoin wallets and the only other (besides Coinbase) have debit card option like Circle, except Snapcard. They too want pic of ID, just like Coinbase. If the feds wanna put me BACK in the pen, for trying to lift weights and better myself, then fuckem. If that's the case, maybe I shoulda just stayed a fucking junky, robbing people yeah? I doubt it though, brothers. They don't give a shit about us small timers, pinning ourselves. So Coinbase or CIM it is!
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