Combating Accutane sides.

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    I completely agree with you. Especially if any women are reading this.

    I tried for years to go the doctor route. Got prescribed everything, 3 cycles of minocycline, 3 rounds of doxycycline, retin a creams, dozens of face washes both prescription and OTC. Zero results.

    So finally I said fuck it. I ordered pharmaceutical grade Isotrentoin from a source on here, got bloodwork done to check liver values, once before I started accutane and again about 2 months in.

    Next to asking out the girl i am with now, it was easily the best decision I have made in my entire life.
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  2. You are very lucky, my friend. Many guys have had their lives completely destroyed by Accutane. No sex drive whatsoever, bad muscle and joint pains, inability to workout and compete in sports that involve running, in particular sprinting, hot flushed red face all the time, excessive sweating, anxiety, depression, the list goes on. Some people say that clomid is an evil drug from hell, but Accutane has destroyed far more lives than clomid ever has or will. Don't think that you've escaped Accutane's side effects just because you don't have any or many of them now. Many of its side effects are latent and to make matters worse, chronic i.e. very, very long lasting (decades in many cases).
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    I'm surprised to hear that.
    I have known many friends that have used a much more aggressive dose and not experienced any of the sides you've listed above.
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    Sounds like a lawsuit speech, have u used accutane shit sign the petition, give me a break.

    It's like any other med, tons of warnings.

    Man I went scripted for 5 months will dosages reaching 100mgs a day, with monthly blood work.

    Biggest thing, stay out of direct sunlight, lotion ur body and face up regularly and carry lip ointment on person.

    Shit listen to any commercial advertising meds, a whole crap load of issue....makes u scared shitless when they say things like, "may cause cancer", I'm like wtf.

    I'll take clear skinned jack and tan body all day long over a jacked and tan acne infested body any day.
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    Hell yeah man.
    I think the whole accutane thing is just cause it can cause births defects.

    But considering I'm not a pregnant women, I think I'm in the clear lol.
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    I'm interested in your Accutane source.
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    Good first post man!
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    I'm down to one pimple in my face that is healing and when it heals I'll be blemish free(minus the scars)

    One side I'll add to the list is when I am dehydrated and get bags/ dark circles under my eyes.
    I'm not very prone to it so not a big deal but for someone who is that is something to expect.
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    Started 20mg dose today.

    Glad to see you've done well.
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    All that from just one drug really?

    I don't suppose you can cite scientific evidence supporting your comments Accutane
    "has destroyed the lives of so many guys"?
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  11. Glad to see you gotten so far. I've gone through the same route. Sadly, my acne is persistant AF and I sometimes still have some that pop up. I'm 28 now and I've been using accutane as early as 18. Went back to see my doc at least 4x and doses could last between 6 months to 2 months, from 20mg to 10mg. I'm just prone to acne, so fuck me lol.

    On a side note, I know that accutane is harsh on the liver, so is it really a good idea to run it while doing a cycle/pct ?
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    Well the safest answer would be no, but it's only mildly harsh on your liver.
    You liver enzymes probably won't even be elevated at a moderate dose. And your cycle does not always included substance that are liver toxic (orals usually).
    Many people run it with every cycle.
    Bloodwork will guide your way.
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  13. Interesting, thanks for the information!
  14. ickyrica

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    Anyone else get joint pain from accutane? I'm feeling my joints a bit and all I can think is it's the accutane.

    Thanks for the feedback guys
  15. nixter

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    20mg wasnt working for me so I upped it to 40. Seems to be improving.

    To the B5 guy, did that years ago, high dosage, did nothing. Accutane is the only thing that ever worked.
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    A little update on my accutane results.

    So I took it for about 5 months total.
    1st month playing with doses at about 40mg, then the last month my acne was gone so I was just taking it like every other day.

    I've been off accutane for about a month and I started another cycle of just test e 500/week and SD kickstart.
    Still no acne. NONE on my chest/back/shoulders. Every once in a while I'll get a small pimple on my face or forehead but they are practically nothing.

    Super happy still, I feel like I look better than I ever have before.
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    Before and after, I tried to show as much of my face as possible sorry guys. The before pic really didn't even do any justice for just how bad my acne was.

    I don't have a before if my back, but trust me guys it was WAY worse than my chest and face and now it's completely clear.


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    Thank you for the update bro! Happy as a pig in shit to see your results!

    I've also been having success with accutane. Very dry success, lol.

    Thanks again for the contribution!
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    I bet ur sure as shit happy with the way u look now!!!!!

    Glad u had the result u did. Now time to clear out that accutane get them bloods back to normal.
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  20. Sk8man101

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    My bloods have always came back in the normal range as far as my liver is concerned.
    I think the toxicity of accutane is highly exaggerated.
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