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    #13 - Confusius Say - Open cage and bird will fly away every time, unless ill or wounded. BIRDS FLY... If bird can not fly, help to make better.

    Confusius Lesson of Day: To hold key to cage is to BE in cage...
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    #14 - Confusius Say - Difference between TRUE LOVE and HOT SEX as follows... If TRUE LOVE, Making Sex always possible. Whereas, FUCKING LOVE remains limited. TRUE SEX ALWAYS coincide with HOT LOVE...

    Confusius Lesson of Day: ONE Must ALWAYS consider Love in LIGHT OF SEX. Consideration of Sex in LIGHT OF LOVE NEVER Required. May ALL Brother Travelers be so fortunate to stumble upon Good True Hot & Nasty LOVE... Wise Man MUST Open Eyes during LOVE to know difference, only then is CLEAR Sight in Sex realized..;)
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    #15 - Confusius Say - Sometime, DERANGED Filthy Animal is just that. Waste no more time with only exception being; Foresight of PROFIT by Profound Experience, OR via Professional Seasoned Counsel . Second of which preferable ALWAYS. "PROFIT" Considered as Relative Value.

    Confusius Lesson of Day: Consternation require TIME... SOMETIME - Ripe delicious fruit fall to eat. MANYTIME - we just miss bus to party arriving late with stain on SHOULDER. Weight in following order; (1) Objective, (2) Potential Gains/Derivatives, (3) Relative Necessity, & (4) Maximum Possible COST...

    *** Loss & Hardship can be ADDICTIVE - although POISONOUS and Ultimately Deadly.
    STOP reading Confusius Now IF ANY Confusion presents ...:rolleyes:
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    Confucius say man who fart in church sit in own pew?
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    #16 - Confusius Say - Life is lika Ping Pong Game. While Practicing and Perfoming, One MUST endeavor to EXCEL with NO Reservation. However, to EXCEL is to Find and Realize LIMITATION. To overcome LIMITATION - One must step back from table from time to time...

    Confusius Lesson of Day: Every Recession is ALWAYS an OPPORTUNITY to Grow STRONGER. WITH EVERY RECESSION - I GROW STRONGER..!!!!
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    #17 - Confusius Say - Measure TWICE. Cut ONCE. But Always Much BETTER to have someone qualified to work for you. Most qualified Expert will use only Magic EYEBALL and SPECIAL SWORD. Save fingers and knuckles and tweaking woman's vagina and wiping own ass...!
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    #18 - Confusius Say - Confusius Secret to Longevity is'a - Always face FORWARD when Laughing, crying, shitting, fucking, fighting, and especially when SNEEZING. Wisest Man utilize and hone Peripheral Vision...
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    #19 - Confusius Say - Confusius say women get older and men age like wine is a wives tale. Confusius say women and men BOTH age. Real difference being that as women age primary values youth and beauty are lost inevitably. Primary value in men is MONEY which is TIMELESS...
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    #20 - Confusius Say - Confusius Say only difference between TRUTH and Manipulation is TIME-TO-ACT or to RE-ACT...

    Confusius LESSON of day - Rule does not apply to "professionals at work" and Sociopaths..
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    #21 - Confusius Say - Confusius Say Only (7) things stand in path of Man and his Destiny. These being - Fun, Art, Fine Dining, Work, Illness, TIME, & Golf. WOMAN is Slight Incumbrance at best / Spiritual PURGATORY at Worst. EXPENSE IN ROUTE is Easily DEFINED and Mitigated via simple slight of hand.... The remainder equalling NULL SUM.... While answer is always simple, Reconciliation is a BITCH...

    Confusius Lesson of Day - PAIN is LUXURY ITEM for those at top of food chain and bored in route - potentially descriptive of DESTINY per BRAND Chosen. Gluttony MUST be factored in Calculation.!
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    confusius say...

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    What does BBC stand for?

    british broadcasting corporation?
    body building competitor?
    big booty cannibal?
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    It stands for - Sir Big Ballz Chaffing - Rev. 3. Its Modern Native American and U have to use hand signs to properly annunciate it. LOL

    ** It should clearly be noted that WHEN Confusius began to present himself to me - He made it clear that I was to never advise of my identity from here forward, and apparently due to some evil time traveler who just wont leave him alone. Honestly, the man told me he once wished he never ever opened his freggin mouth.. I replied - "live and learn". A big grin came over his face and he exclaimed some shit about being pissed he did not coin that one. Apparently it all fell apart from him after a failed joint venture in the Bumper Sticker Industry back in the 80's;):rolleyes:. He DOES claim credit for "SHIT HAPPENS". I did not challenge him there. The rest is history... Happening. But he explained it something like this....:

    Confusius say name inconsequential. Experience Dictates. Action Presents. Disney Land Rocks. Smoke is lika magical FOG except gotta fire somewhere which usually smell lika the ass attached burning, or diesel fuel and weed in the 90's...! Names Confuse at best, ALWAYS "Label", and are sometimes even MISTAKEN sight unseen. Labels have been know to be DEADLY when lick too many at once. Confusius got enough problems just dealing with the one who goes by MANY NAMES, and yet has NONE.:D;):)

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    What does confusius say about abortion? gay rights? mexicans crossing the border? :confused:
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    Confusius SAY - STUPID IS, AS STUPID DOES.....:)

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    Srs what does bbc stand for
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    These are nothing short of ridiculously great
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    #22 - Confusius Say - Definition of TRUST as follows. When one look at themselves in mirror and see other. Then one see's own reflection in said other.... This is'a thust...

    Confusius Lesson of Day: TRUST Rarely to NEVER found in this DIMENSION..... There is NO Mitigation for lack of TRUST, only perseverance...;)
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    #23 - Confusius Say - Confusius say PARANOIA is only TRUTH which most are either incapable OR unwilling to ADMIT....

    Confusius lesson of Day: DO NOT ignore inside little Magnum PI voice...! He is usually RIGHT...! What one does with information is magic trick which differentiates failure from success...
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    What is BBC3???:confused: