Coronavirus and training in a public space

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Switcher, Feb 27, 2020.

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    Why would you even make that point..?
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    I look at coronavirus and all the other potential pandemics that come and go a lot like hurricanes. The truth is that the potential for serious damage and loss of life is always there, but more often than not its no big deal. Its true people need to take precautions, but since nothing happens more often than not, those precautions aren't necessary.

    Then people get used to hearing the alarmism and remember all the other times they heard it and nothing bad happened, so they stop listening. Then a Katrina comes along and devastates in a way no one thought would happen and a lot of people who ignored warnings end up dead or seriously affected.

    I don't think coronavirus is going to end up being a big deal, but it might and is worth paying attention too until it has become more widespread and we know more about the severity. If it is 1% more deadly than the typical flu, that would be a pretty large number of people dying. Sooner or later one of these contagions is going to be as serious as the alarmism suggests and will wipe out a shit ton of people. Maybe it will be coronavirus, maybe a virus 50 years from now. I think take your basic sensible precautions and go on living your life. Everyone panicking won't help.
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    Here's the flipside:
    Hit the gym 2x per day and hit on all the thots there while you still can.

    If there's no coronavirus outbreak, you just won't regret hitting on them anyhow.
    Don't you ever buy expensive girs to any girl, tho.
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    All gyms closed here until further notice. Dying inside.
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    If that happens here I'll be expediting my plans for a home gym.
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    all gyms closed in my area except anytime fitness since it holds less then 50 people but its a crappy gym
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    I am in an extended recovery and rehabilitation period. The colloquials are, I believe, 'Pig Out' or 'Couch Potato'. :p:D