Critique my training?

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    Well that’s a definite assumpstion.
    I posted everything in the order that I do it.
    All with specific reason. Can you elaborate one what u do that makes yours so much better than my generic cookie cutter approach?
    Just because mine has structure doesn’t mean I don’t go to fsilure?
    I said all my rest times
    All my sets are 3 linear sets 1-2 reps outside of fsilure.
    I broke my arm bench pressing I know how to push myself.
    Not trying to be rude but u are basically saying my routine is generic and cookie cutter because it has an outline? While yours is much better because U have no structure whatsoever and just lift until u can’t? I’m not seeing any evidence here for what the difference between these two is other than u aren’t tracking ur lifts. Just being honest
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    These workouts are very smiler to victor martinez and John meadows and chris bumstead videos posted on YouTube.
    I fail to see how this is non superior because it’s cookie cutter?

    again I’m looking for evidence not trying to be rude
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    No can do too many scars maybe some day... I’ll just do the logical thing I shoulda done and stick to what I’m doing and if it has any missing areas I’ll try new shit
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    I do think it’s very generic btw but I don’t think there’s a need over complicate stuff but I’m curious what u would change nova?
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    There it’s on my avatar I’m deleting it soon so it ain’t getting posted in the thread

    ain’t happy at all with the progress I think I look dogshit for a gear user and I do not wanna be them people who juice and look like shit still but i think it’s more attributable to diet than training for me
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    This is my training, taken from a PM:

    I have always been a big proponent of doing whatever works for you.

    I just do a few exercises, usually two for each muscle group. Triceps I can actually stand by the pull down machine and bust out set after set. I will superset it with overhead pulls with rope. I keep rest between sets at 30 secs to 1 min, go to failure almost ever set and then keep pushing a lot of volume with sets until I feel beat. In regards to weight, I keep the rep range from 2-12 for working sets. Warm ups 15-20+ reps. I don't use any barbells, cables and dumbells only. No fixed positions for my hands. My tendons take a beating and get inflamed otherwise.

    For more detail:
    chest = Seated bench, cable flyes
    Back = Lat pull down, shrugs
    Triceps= pull down with rope
    biceps = Curls >.>
    Legs= leg extension, leg flex and calf raises.
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    I don’t “lift until I can’t”—I do the minimum amount that will allow me to grow and achieve the numbers that I have set as a goal. Your routine is structured, yes, but not auto regulated at all. You mention specific implements with basic set+rep schemes...what happens when the stimulus from that specific implement slows? What happens when that number of sets+reps stops working? Do you have a plan for that, or do you keep going because it’s outlined here?

    You don’t have any varying intensities outlined.

    You haven’t mentioned a specific goal, etc.

    Just by your response alone I can tell that you haven’t been at this very long—which is fine—but you wouldn’t understand a majority of the concepts.

    -do you plan on utilizing drop sets, TUT, Rest/pause, fascia stretching, etc?

    Lifting to failure every session burns out your CNS far too quickly, btw.

    Proper form would have prevented a bench injury.

    I’m not picking on you. Just imparting knowledge. Again, this is why I asked how long you’ve been lifting.

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    Gotchyou, I’ve been lifting since 17 but got a bit more serious around 20 and then in the past year I’ve gotten way more serious about training style

    I’m aware of tut fascia and a few others. And I just figure I lift 4 sets to near failure on most exercises and then sometimes switch it up to 5-6 sets with more tut and 12-15 reps
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    A good read is Renaissance Periodization about MEV, MAV, etc.
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    In regards to progressive overload: Progressive overload is subjecting the muscles to a stimulus that it hasn't done before.
    Now, when you train to failure, what are you doing? Subjecting a muscle to a stimulus that it hasn't done before.

    This is why I say don't worry about following a set routine, logging every last rep and trying to "beat the log book". When you train to failure exclusively, and I mean true failure, you ARE DOING PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD REGARDLESS OF THE WEIGHT OR REPS. So just have fun with it man and train like an animal
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