did you guys adopt any training programs to prepare for a cycle?

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    SHOW ME THE TEXTBOOK!!!!! Hahaha, you are so dumb that you don't realize that you are painting yourself into a corner. What Textbook exactly is stating the things you say?! Also, it would be some sports science or kinesiology book. And it's not there!! You are full of sh!t! :D

    @Test_Subject Do you know of this book?! See how the bullshit gets unfolded if you just ask questions? :p
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    Oh really? Then what is the pain coming from when I am sore?

    Also, that study doesn't have to do with what we are talking about. I haven't said anything about trading real gym work outs for a TENS machine. That is you that wants to use a TENS machine lol. Nice try though.
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    Program Design Manual (Wesley Smith)
    Scientific Principals of Strength Training (Israetel, Hoffman, Smith)

    Powerlifting Foundations and Methods (Boris Sheiko)

    Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods (Thibaudeau)

    Science and Practice of Strength Training (Zatsiorsky)

    A.S. Prilepin’s Scientific Practical Contribution to the Intensification of the Modern Training of Weightlifters

    High/Low Sequences of Programming and Organizing Training (Smith)

    I feel like I'm getting redundant. Therefore, pick up ANY strength oriented book and all of the terms mentioned will be included. The ones I posted are just the ones that I have copies of amongst a multitude of others.

    Honestly, I'm not even sure what the argument here is... As far as I can tell you're just accusing me of using big words to try and confuse people. I didn't even outline any concepts... The vocab I used is the simple shit that is included in chapter one of any training related book.

    If anyone wants a copy feel free to ask.
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    Holy shit... You you're getting dumber by the post. They hooked up athletes to the tens unit to measure DOMs on one leg vs the other which was used in an actual exercise.

    Waste accumulation!

    However, DOMs can also be a good indication of causing muscle breakdown... It just doesn't automatically mean that it's correlated to increased muscle mass over time.
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    Haha, yeah those are books that are sold for profit! Want me to say that Harry Potter is real because it is in a book?

    Hahah you take that as being empirical scientific knowledge?! At this point yes I know you do. You are obviously stupid.

    TEXTBOOK! OR STUDY! IF what you stated were true it would be included in a sport science or kinesiology textbook. You know that they use at a college or University....?

    Learn to pronounce
    1. a book used as a standard work for the study of a particular subject.
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    Soreness is from Waste accumulation?

    This peer reviewed study says it is from injury just like I said, in fact, 99% of the statements I put out without an "IMO" are based from science textbooks and studies... You read fictional books and listen "bros" :p
    Delayed Muscle Soreness
    Delayed Muscle Soreness
    "The muscle activity which causes the most soreness and injury to the muscle is eccentric activity. The injury to the muscle has been well described."

    @Eman you are making my day! KEEP TALKING BABY! :)
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    All books are sold for profit, dipshit. You need to to now find you a book that isn't sold for profit that is used at a college or University? Lol...

    If you want to continue with the trolling, go right ahead. I've posted more than enough information to make you look foolish... Which wasn't hard because your points are absurd.

    If you want to make an attempt at a valid point and actually defend it, let me know.
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    So all books are textbooks?

    Chronicles of Narnia can be used to teach kinesiology?

    What surprises me the most is that none of you guys have the brain to say. "You are right Sworder, those aren't textbooks I might be wrong."

    You are only hurting yourself and your "knowledge" and I am getting a kick out of it. This was literally the highlight of my day.
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    Damn. This brings me down. That's a sad day / life to have.
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    Considering that you don't like me, I am surprised that you are brought down by these news!

    You are actually a really cool guy Jay!
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    I actually don't dislike you. You are a good member 55% of the time when you're genuine, but you take the baiting too far past interesting to tedious too much.

    I enjoy your posts a lot more when you are going back and forth trying to exchange information and not prove a supposed intellectual superiority. You being smart doesn't mean trying to prove someone else dumb
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    Maybe you are misinterpreting me 45% of the time.

    Well now you are not comprehending the situation properly. You realize we all think we know best right? Like Eman here, he thinks he knows more than me. I think I know more than him. So... How do I get my point across to Eman when he thinks he knows everything? Obviously I have to first prove that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Which I have done in this thread.

    He left before any actual talk about strength and "strength science" became the topic. I will stay in the thread and keep going back and forth until any new information is presented. When I say information I mean, textbooks or peer reviewed studies. My conversations don't get very far because 95% of the guys here don't actually read any BioChem textbooks nor do they read studies. So that's why you witness what you witness.

    If you want to talk about Strength and strength programs or any programs. I am opening the discussion for anybody. Just please present ACTUAL information to debate. Not fictional books written by people that have Eman as the target audience...
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    That's not even remotely his point. You claimed that the books were untrustworthy because they were "for profit."

    His point was that every book ever used in an educational setting is "for profit."

    According to your logic that negates the entire educational system's credibility.
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    Do you guys really not understand the difference between a "book" and a "textbook?"
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    I don't even know what your position is in this debate, Sworder. You said training off of a program is bullshit and no one needs them, I disagreed purely for the fact that every accomplished strength athlete uses some form of a strength block. You asked a bunch of random questions, I gave brief responses and then you called me full of shit, threw a tantrum and labeled it the highlight of your day.

    I would refer to these as textbooks, for Christ sake several were written by PHDs and professors - if it makes you feel any better we can refer to them as nonfiction but it's not like you're going to find anything different in a strength and conditioning textbook for a college class.
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    Tell you what, @Sworder - why don't you post up a textbook that does not have any of the periodization terms I mentioned included. You can school me on what a textbook is and prove that I'm making all of this up all in the one shot.

    Here's more material in the meantime from the National Strength and Conditioning Association:

    NSCA - Essentials of Personal Training.pdf - AnonFile

    NSCA - Essentials of Tactical Strength and Conditioning.pdf - AnonFile

    NSCA - Developing Power.pdf - AnonFile

    NSCA - Strength Training.pdf - AnonFile

    I feel like I'm shooting fish in a barrel.
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    Oh yeah! That's the juicy stuff right there!

    That is proper information Eman. Now, where specifically are the things that you are referencing here? Or do you just post stuff that you don't read? - I know you do ;)

    Hahaha omg no wonder you guys sound like retards reading this crap. Who uses that many terms for no reason HAHA.


    Okay, I read it. So, here is the thing. Yes, that is good information. However you guys are misinterpreting it. They are describing different principles of training, meaning. Different ways muscles can grow, the types of muscle fibers etc. Here is the mistake you guys are making. You guys are saying "this is better than that" and... The reality is, based on our genes we have varying values of certain muscles types. Therefore, one principle of training that works best for you. Might not work the best for me, because the variance is too great individually.

    That is good information, but you are misinterpreting it. Because, show me in the book where it says "This type of training will yield the maximal amount of growth." It won't say that because that is not a true statement, you guys are implying it. If there was a cookie-cutter way to gain muscle fast that method would be well known. Things that are true don't need much proof. tren makes people grow muscle fast! Do I really need to prove that?
    If there "programs" like YOU state make such radical changes, where is the scientific evidence? Again, you are misinterpreting it.
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    I never said I've read all of these, I have read probably half of the ones I've posted. I have only skimmed the NSCA ones in the programming sections and a little of the aerobic exercise sections.

    Try going to the table of contents and look for chapter PERIODIZATION in big, capital, bold letters for the NCSA books... That's going to be hard to miss. Again, you've posted no position on this other than me being full of shit... So I have no idea what you're really even looking for other than the terms I've mentioned.

    Lol yeah, you get back to me tomorrow.
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    I edited my message. I gave you the scoop. Read all those though! Those are good info.

    We all have different muscle inserts and all that good stuff too.